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AGRN 1000 Exam1 Prac

AGRN 1000 Exam 1

The best explanation for man’s sudden shift from hunting and gathering to an agriculture- based society is : The shift from ice-ages to a warmer climate and development of religions
All stems are identified as such based on the presence of Nodes
Light frequencies that are best absorbed by chlorophyll and other plant pigments are Blues and reds
The main function of stolons is Asexual propagation
The majority of carbon found on earth is in the form of
The desired LAI (leaf area index) range for most crops is 2.4 to 4.0
In its simplest form, photosynthesis can be divided into Light and dark reactions
Compared to C3 plants, C4 plants are
Photosynthesis takes place in specialized structures called chloroplasts, while respiration takes place in specialized structures called Mitochondria
Subtracting the rate of glucose breakdown (respiration) from the rate of glucose accumulation (photosynthesis) gives the Net assimilation rate
Water loss through the leaves is part of a plant process known as Transpiration
A vegetatively-growing crop plant is subjected to a 13.5 hour photoperiod, which is increased by 1/2 hour each week. When the photoperiod reaches 15 hours, the plant starts to flower. This plant species would be A long-day plant
Essential flower parts include the Stamens and pistil
Of the following, the only plant parts that are involved in asexual reproduction are the Stems
Based on the soil textural triangle (next page), a soil with 10% sand and 60% silt would be classified as a
Based on the soil textural triangle (next page), a soil with 10% sand and 60% silt would be classified as a Silty clay loam
In a given soil, the most variable of the four major components are Water and air
Soil water-holding capacity (the ability of a soil to absorb and hold water) is mainly dependent upon Soil texture and structure
Hygroscopic soil water is Water that is unavailable to plants
Cation exchange capacity (CEC) is a measure of the ability of the soil to attract and hold cations, and as such
The concentration of H+ ions in the soil
The earth’s human population Is currently over 6 billion (that’s billion with a “b”)
Crop plants thought to have originated in southwest Asia (present-day Iraq) include wheat and other small grains
The most important crop families, in terms of food production, are Poaceae, Fabaceae, and Solanaceae
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