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VT 2100 Enviroment

Standards of care for Research Animals

The Quality of Data is related to... The quality of Animal Care
The focus of Facility design is To minimize the spread of disease
Surgical Suites include Prep Area Aseptic Surgery Room Recovery site
Requirements for Storage area Away from Animals low temp and humidity 20cm from floor and walls
Describe Conventional Facilities Single corridor w/ Rooms
Describe Double Corridor Facilities Clean and Dirty Sides Personnel cannot leave threw dirty side
Describe Barrier Facilities Must shower before entering Disposable clothes GERM free
Describe Containment Facilities INFECTIOUS disease
Construction of Faclity must have Waterproof & Seamless No Inward opening doors Now windows
Define Macroenviroment Room's Temp, Humidity, & Light
Define Microenvioroment Primary Enclosure
Rodents Perfer a ______ Temp Higher than Bunnies
Primates Perfer a ______ Temp Higher cuz tropical
TNZ stands for Thermoneutral Zone No need to cool or heat body
Optimal Temp for animals is... Slightly below TNZ
Most animals like __% - __% Humidity 45%-50%
Rodents Prefer __% - __% Humidity 40%-70%
Dogs, Cats, & monkeys Prefer __% - __% Humidity 30%-70%
Ventilation requires ___ air exchangers per hour 10-15
Positive air Pressure moves... Room -> outside
Positive Air Pressure keeps contaminates In/Out? Out Ex. Surgery
Negative Air Pressure moves... Outside -> Room
Negative air pressure keeps contaminates In/Out? In Ex- Infectious rooms
Define Diurnal 12 hours Light 12 hours Night
Define Pollyesturs Light affects Breeding
Requirements of Primary enclosure Contained w/o restriant Observation w/o disterbence
Polycarbonate Plastic is... Transparent
Polypropylene plastic is... Opaque
Polystyrene plastic is... Disposable
Define Show Box Cage Solid Bottom w/ grid top
Define Suspended cage Mesh/grid bottom
Define metabolic Cage collects pee&Poo Food outside
Define Gang Cage Multiple Food and H20 areas houses groups
Define Purpose bred Bred For Research Class A
Define Random Source Shelter animals Class B
Minimal Quarantine for all animals 48 hours
Define Gnotobiology Study of animals with Flora & Fauna
Define Conventional Gnotobiology Unkown microflora
Define Gnotobiotics Well Defined microflora
Define SPF Specific Pathogen Free
Define Axenic Germ Free
Axenic Animals require Sterile food Dietary Supplements
Axenic Animals Have... Thinner walled GI and Lg lumen Grow Quicker
Define Csaren Derived Sterial isolation Uterus removed
Define Barrier-Sustained C-section maintained sterile Controlled living enviroment
Define Sential Suspectable to pathogens
Define Biosaftey level I Not contagious to humans
Define Biosafey Level II Causes DZ if handled impoperly (MM, ingestion, Puncture)
Define Biosaftey Level III Serious disease
Biosafety Level IV Life threatening
Disposal of Biosaftey level I None indicated
Created by: LittleLette