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VT 2100 Intro

Groups, Standards

What is the most common Lab animal? Rats and Mice
VT/LAT Responsibilities Prevent Disease & control factors/stressors
4 types of stressors Intrinsic Extrinsic Dietary Experimental
Define Intrinsic stressors sex, age, genetics
Define Extrinsic Stressors Temp, Humididty, Nosie, Light
Define Dietary Stressors (2) Quality and Quanity
Difine Experimental Stressors (3) Surgery,Restraint, Drugs
Research is desgined to..... control all varibles in enviroment
The goal of research is to.... Improve knowledge of the process, treatment, and prevention of disease
Define Basic Research Use of computer/models Advances knowledge of life process and disease guides/developed applied/clinical research
Define applied research uses exiting knowledge Computers, models, tissue & cell cultures
define clinical research use of live animals or humans
Models are based on ability to mimic responses
FDA policies on Clinical Research Care Records Personnel Training Confidentiality procedures
Steps to Research Design Initial Question Related Literature Hypothesis Experiment design
Parts to Experiment design Methods SOP biomedical model Budget/cost
S.O.P Standard Operating Procures Ensure control of all variables except one
Examples of Private Fundings Morris Brooks
Examples of Govermental funding N.I.H
Experimental test groups variables are.... Manipulated
Controlled Test groups variables are... Remain consistent
I.A.C.U.C Stands for..... International Animal Care & Use Committee
I.A.C.U.C Purpose Submit Experimental design to Approves use
5 Parts of Research Team P.I LAT ALAT LATg DMB
A.W.A Stands for... Animal Welfare Act
A.W.A purpose Governs sale, Handling, Transport, and use of animals
A.W.A Covers what type of animals? All warm blooded Animals used in Research Except farm, birds, rats/mice, and cold blooded animals
A.W.A set Standards for Environment and Behavior Pain Managment
I.A.C.U.C team members inclue 5 all together 1 DMV 1 no affiliations 1 Non-scientist (Public Rep) 1 Animal Scientist
USDA Responsibilities Enforces and oversees AWA
APHIS stands for Animal & Planet Health Inspection Service
APHIS Responsibilities Inspections for USDA
REAC Stands for Regulatory Enforcement of Animal Care
REAC Responsibilities Enforces violations Fines, Suspensions, Closings
"The Guide" Actually called The Guide for the Care & use of Labatory Animals
"The Guide" Covers... Cage size Training/qualification Husbandry & management Enviroment
"The Guide" was created by.... ILAR
ILAR stands for Institute for Lab Animal Research
AVMA Panel of euthanasia can be contraindicated w/ approval from IACUC
EPA stands for Environmental protection Agency
EPA responsibilities Remove/ Restrict use of products Protect human health & Enviroment
CPSA stands for Consumer Product Safety Commission
CPSA responsibilities Regulate Hazordous Products
NIH stands for National Institute of Health
NIH purpose Suport and Conducts research
define Intramural Research Done in own Lab
define Extramural research Provide grants to other facilites
AAALAC stands for Association for Assessment & Accreditation of Lab Animal Care
The 3 R's Reductions Refinement Replacement
The 3 R's Difine Reduction Least # of animals needed for goal
The 3 R's Define Refinement Procedures that reduce pain, axiety, stress Closest to normal life
The 3 R's Define Replacement Use of lower lifeforms or models
Goal of the 3 R's Perform more research on inanimate objects
Define Animal Explotation Fights, Sport, Property
Define Animal Use groups Animals are for our use but not abused
Examples of Animal use groups Vet techs, Meat eaters, Breeders
Define Animal control groups Enforce/Propose laws to control population
Examples of Animal control groups AVMA USDA
Define Animal Welfare Groups Promote animal welfare
Examples of animal welfare groups ASPCA Shelters
Define Animal right groups Animals same rights as humans
Define Animal Liberation groups Pets are prisoners
Example of Animal liberation group PETA
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