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Blair Chapter 7 SS

Tell me 3 fats about Elevation: Lowlands and Highlands: 1. The Piedmont is the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains 2.Coastal plan stretches along the southeastern coast from Virginia to Louisiana 3.When ocean rises at high tide,seawater flows to the lowland area -when the tide pulls back-water level dro
Tell me 3 facts about Rivers and Oceans: 1. Many port cities have developed where rivers meet the seas 2. Rivers flow across the piedmont and coastal plain to the Atlantic Ocean 3. Swimming, fishing and boating are popular water sports here
Tell me 3 facts about the Fall Line: 1. The fall line determines how far rivers are navigable 2. Fall line is an imaginary line where water falls 3. Goods that can be delivered by boat can be traded for meat
Tell me 3 facts about Natural Resources: 1. The Southeast is rich in natural resources 2. One natural resource is the coal mining industry 3. In the 1800's, iron ore was found at the Red Mountain in Alabama
Tell me 3 facts about a Long Growing Season: 1. The Southeast has good soil, plenty of rain and a long growing season 2. The business of growing crops and raising animals is called agriculture 3. In the 1800's cotton was the main grown crop in the South East
Tell me 3 facts about Dangerous Weather: 1. A tornado is a violent windstorm whose center is a cloud shaped funnel 2. The most dangerous storm is a hurricane 3. Floods are bad for farmers because the crops will die.
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