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Pharmacology Drugs 9


what are some treatment options for dogs and cats with cryptosporidiosis? tylosin (10-15mg/kg TID for 14d-- dogs); Azithromycin (5-10mg/kg BID for 5-7d-- dogs & 7-12mg/kg BID for 5-7d-- cats); Nitazoxanide
what is the dosage of nitazoxanide in dogs 24-47mo old? 100mg BID for 5 days
what is the dosage of nitazoxanide in dogs 4-11yr old? 200mg BID for 5 days
what is the dosage of nitazoxanide in dogs that the CVT recommends? 100mg/kg po for 3days
why wouldn't you administer paramomycin orally for the treatment of cryptosporidiosis? poorly absorbed aminoglycoside antibiotic
how does paramomycin work? binds the small subunit ribosomal RNA and inhibits protein synthesis
What at the direct and indirect effects of paramomycin? direct= on protozoans; indirect= on nutrient withdrawl caused by the inhibition of bacterial protein synthesis and destruction of bacterial flora
why wouldn't you choose to use paramomycin in dogs? while clinical signs cleared, relapses of the animal back to having cryptosporidiosis occur 2 mos after ending treatment initially
while paramomycin works pretty well in cats, why wouldn't you use it? can cause kidney failure
what are the trade names of nitozoxanide for humans and horses and what does nitozoxanide treat in it? humasn= alinia, treats cryptosporidia and giardia; horses= navigator, treats EPM and sarcocystis neurona
nitozoxanide seems to exhibit a broad spectrum of activities against a wide variety of parasites including? Intestinal and tissue-dwelling helminths; Protozoa – at least Giardia and Crypto; Enteric bacteria infecting animals and humans
what does nitozoxanide interfere with? pyruvate:ferredoxin oxidoreductase (PFOR) enzyme-dependent electron transfer reaction, which is essential to anaerobic energy metabolism. Basically "shuts down bacterial respiration."
Tritrichomonas foetus is particularly bad for which group of cats/ cattery cats and show cats
is there a cyst phase for tritrichomonas foetus? no
what do you use to treat tritrichomonas foetus? ronidazole
what are two treatments for giardia and what should you never use? metronidazle and fenbendazole; albendazole
if one animal in a multi-animal household has giardia, should you treat only the infected animal? why/why not? no, treat them all b/c the other animals can be asymptomatic carriers.
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