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PAVE pharm


Doxapram Respiratory Stimulant
Fentanyl Analgesic - Narcotic Agonist
Meperidine Analgesic - Narcotic Agonist
Morphine Analgesic - Narcotic Agonist
Oxymorphone Analgesic - Narcotic Agonist
Buprenorphine Analgesic - Narcotic Agonist/Antagonist
Butorphanol Analgesic - Narcotic Agonist/Antagonist
Pentazocine Analgesic - Narcotic Agonist/Antagonist
Acetominophen Miscellaneous Analgesic
Aspirin NSAID
Carprofen NSAID
Etodolac NSAID
Flunixin NSAID
Phenylbutazone NSAID
Piroxicam NSAID
Acepromazine Tranquilizer/Sedative
Azaperone Tranquilizer - swine
Detomidine Tranquilizer/Sedative
Diazepam Tranquilizer/Sedative
Medetomidine Tranquilizer/Sedative
Midazolam Tranquilizer/Sedative
Xylazine Tranquilizer/Sedative/Anesthetic
Pentobarbitol Anesthetic - barbiturate
Thiopental Anesthetic - barbiturate
Isoflurane Anesthetic - Inhalant
Desflurane Anesthetic - Inhalant
Sevoflurane Anesthetic - Inhalant
Methoxyflurane Anesthetic - Inhalant
Halothane Anesthetic - Inhalant
Ketamine Anesthetic - Dissociative agent
Propofol Anesthetic - Injectable induction
Atipamezole Reversal agent - Alpha II agonists
Flumazenil Reversal agent - Benzodiazepines
Naloxone Reversal agent - Opioids
Neostigmine Reversal agent - Non-depolarising muscle relaxants
Yohimbine Reversal agent - Xylazine
Tolazoline Reversal agent - Xylazine
Diazepam Anticonvulsant
Atracurium Skeletal muscle relaxant
Dantrolene Skeletal muscle relaxant
Guaifenesin Skeletal muscle relaxant/Horse anesthesia
Pancuronium Skeletal muscle relaxant
Succinylchooline Depolarizing muscle relaxant
Aminopropazine Smooth muscle relaxant
Digoxin CV - Inotropic agent
Digitoxin CV - Inotropic agent
Dobutamine CV - Inotropic agent/shock treatment
Lidocaine CV - Anti-arrhythmic agent/Local anesthetic
Quinidine CV - anti-arrhythmic agent
Atropine CV - Anticholinergic
Glycopyrrolate CV - Anticholinergic
Benazepril CV - ACE Inhibitors
Captopril CV - ACE Inhibitors/blockers
Enalapril CV - ACE Inhibitors/blockers
Amlodipine CV - Calcium channel blocking agent
Diltiazem CV - Calcium channel blocking agent
Verapamil CV - Calcium channel blocking agent/Anti-arrhythmic
Nitroglycerine CV - Vasodilator
Isoxsuprine CV - Vasodilator
Dopamine CV - Shock treatment
Epinephrine CV - Shock treatment/bronchodilator
Isoprotenerol CV - Shock treatment/bronchodilator
Phenylephrine CV - Shock treatment
Phenoxybenzamine CV - Alpha-adrenergic blocking agents
Prazosin CV - Alpha-adrenergic blocking agents
Atenolol CV - Beta-adrenergic blocking agents
-olol drugs CV - Beta-adrenergic blocking agents
Nitroprusside CV - Antihypertensive agent
Albuterol Respiratory - Bronchodilator/sympathomimetic
Ephedrine Respiratory - Bronchodilator/sympathomimetic
Epinephrine Respiratory - Bronchodilator/sympathomimetic
Isoprotenerol Respiratory - Bronchodilator/sympathomimetic
Terbutaline Respiratory - Bronchodilator/xanthines
Aminophylline/Theophylline Respiratory - Bronchodilator/xanthines
Diphenhydramine Respiratory - Bronchodilator/antihistamine
-amine or -zine Respiratory - Bronchodilator/antihistamine
Codeine Respiratory - Cough suppressant (antitussive)
Butorphanol Respiratory - Cough suppressant (antitussive)/analgesic
Hydrocodone Respiratory - Cough suppressant (antitussive)
Acetylcysteine Respiratory - Mucolytics
Dichlorphenamide Diuretic - Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitor
Acetozolamide Diuretic - Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitor
Spironolactone Diuretic - Pottassium Sparing Diuretic
Furosemide Diuretic - Loop diuretic
Mannitol Diuretic - Osmotic diurretic
Glycerin Diuretic - Osmotic diurretic
Sodium Bicarbonate Urinary alkalinizer
Methionine Urinary acidifier
Ammonium chloride Urinary acidifier
Citrate salts Agent for urolithiasis
Chlorpromazine Antiemetic agents
Metoclopramide Antiemetic/GI stimulant
Cimetidine H antagonist
Famotidine H antagonist
Ranitidine H antagonist
Sucralfate Gastromucosal protectant
Misoprostol NSAID induced ulcers/abortion inducer
Omeprazole Proton pump inhibitors
Propantheline GI antispasmodic-anticholinergic
Cisapride GI stimulant
Neostigmine GI stimulant
Metoclopramide GI stimulant
Magnesium salts Saline laxative
Sodium salts Saline laxative
Kaolin/Pectin Antidiarrheal
Bismuth subsalicylate Antidiarrheal
Estradiol Estrogen
DES Estrogen
Altrenogest Progestin
Megesterol Progestin
Mibolerone Androgen
Testosterone Androgen
Nandrolone Anabolic steroid
Desmopressin Posterior pituitary - vasopressin derivative
Vasopressin Posterior pituitary - vasopressin derivative
Fludrocortisone Mineralcorticoid/glucocorticoid
Betamethasone Glucocorticoid
Dexamethasone Glucocorticoid
Mitotane Adrenal steroid inhibitor
Selegiline Adrenal steroid inhibitor
Insulin Antidiabetic agent
Chlorpropamide Antidiabetic agent
Glipizide Antidiabetic agent
Levothyroxine Thyroid drug
TSH Thyroid drug
Methimazole Antithyroid drug
Imidacloprid Antiparasitic
Morantel Antiparasitic
Amprolium Anticoccidial
Decoquinate Anticoccidial
Amikacin AB - Aminoglycoside
Gentamicin AB - Aminoglycoside
Neomycin AB - Aminoglycoside
Tobramycin AB - Aminoglycoside
Cephalexin AB - Cephalosporin
Erythromycin AB - Macrolide
Tylosin AB - Macrolide
Clindamycin AB - Lincosamide
Lincomycin AB - Lincosamide
Ciprofloxacin Floroquinolone
Enrofloxacin Floroquinolone
TMS Sulfonamide - Synergistic
Amphotericin B Antifungal
Itraconazole Antifungal
Griseofulvin Antifungal
Nystatin Antifungal
Metronidazole AB - Miscellaneous
Rifampin AB - Miscellaneous
Acyclovir Antiviral
Interferon Antiviral
Iron dextran Erythropoietic agent
Doxorubicin Antineoplastic agent - Antibiotic
Bleomycin Antineoplastic agent - Antibiotic
Cisplatin Antineoplastic agent - alkylating agent
Chlorambucil Antineoplastic agent - alkylating agent
Cyclophosphamide Antineoplastic agent - alkylating agent
Vincristine Antineoplastic agent - mitotic inhibitor
Piroxicam Antineoplastic agent
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