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Veterinary Assistant Quiz

Social institutions are _____ of the socialization process. agents
According to Freud's distinctions the part of the mind most associated with what we call "conscience" is the _______. superego
Genes are arranged on twisted strands called __________. chromosomes
The id is most directly associated with __________. desires
A common form of _____________ is when a person makes excuses at to why he/she cannot do what is requested of him/her. rationalization
Freud specifically pointed out the harm that can come from ignoring _________________. strong emotions
One of the main purposes of psychoanalytical therapy is to access our _________________. subconscious influences
As discussed in the reading material, the word "nature" in the "nature vs. nurture" argument refers mainly to ______________. genetics
Emotions are described in your reading material as extensions of our ____________. physical senses
______________ are best described as attempts to bring temporary relief from a stressful situation. Defense mechanisms
___________ involves total lost of all memory of an event or situation. Amnesia
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