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Enterotoxigenic E. Coli Symptoms include:
Tachycardia, cherry red blood, salivation, vomiting and asphyxia convulsions are all symptoms of what
What happens if you do not remove the entire ungual crest of the claws
What is cryptosporidium
What are the daily water requirements
Most common symptom of this disease in dogs is pituitary tumor and in cats its diabetes and thin skin.
Curb is described as..
What suppresses T lymphocytes and is used in organ transplant recipients
Cryptococcosis is an infection via inhalation of what
Cryptococcosis is found in what
Dehorning of goats should be done when
What is the only licensed drug to treat Demodectic mange in dogs
Dermatomyositis is an inherited disease by which dogs
Dermatophilosis is a G+ bacterial infection of the epidermis on which animal
Dermacentor variabilus is the..
What makes a dog part of the brachycephalic breeds
What smell is emitted with cyanide poisoning
What will happen to a cat if you treat Demodectic Mange with Mitoban
Feline stomatitis comlex is a severe inflammation of what
Diabetes mellitus effects which animals
Dictyocaulus arnfieldi is what
All of these are weak diuretics except.
Digoxin is used to treat which of these
Dorsal displacement of the soft palate affects what animal
Dipylidium caninum effects who
An infectious viral disease in cats and dogs
Dourine is what kind of disease in horses
Discospondylitis is found in what kind of dog
What type of prognosis does Dysautonomia in cats have
A downer cow cannot do what
Echinococcus Granulosus resides where in dogs
Digital Dermatidis is the #1 foot disease in what animal
What has happened when the abdominal organs such as the stomach, small intestine, spleen, part of the liver, and the kidney appear in the chest cavity
Removal of the third phalanges and claws is referred to as what
Obstruction of proximal nasolacrimal duct by inflammatory debris, FB’s or masses is
Diaphragmatic Flutter is a violent unilateral hiccough that occurs with each what
________is a drug used in cancer chemotherapy.
Recording of the electrical activity of the heart that reaches the body surface.
P wave A. AV Node Delay
QRS Complex B. Total time of ventricular electrical activity
T wave C. Ventricular Depolarization
PR segment D. Refractory Period
ST segment E. Repolarization, waiting for next P
TP interval F. Atrial Depolarization
QT interval G. Ventricular Repolarization
All are signs of Edema except:
In birds that are laying a lot of eggs or in older birds that have never layed before, what causes space occupying mass problems
Ehrlichia Canis is seen as coccoid bodies in the cytoplasm of:
All the following are treatment for Egg binding except:
Recurrent fever, heart murmur, shifting leg lameness and signs of systemic embolization are all signs of what
Interferes with DNA replication and RNA transcription and replication.
Inherited defects in collagen production. Also known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.
Pure transudate A. Milky white/ pink opaque
Modified transudate B. Degenerate neutrophils
Nonseptic exudate C. Brown/green exudate
Septic exudates D. Nondegenerate neutrophils
Bilious effusion E. Decreased oncotic pressure
Chylous effusion F. Increased hydrostatic pressure
EHV1 A. Respiratory disease only
EHV2 B. Benign venereal disease of horses
EHV3 C. Acute respiratory disease; Late term abortion
Epizootic Bovine Abortion is an infectious disease of cattle manifested in weak calves and what trimester abortion
Eosinophilic Granuloma is a hypersensitivity reaction found in what animals
Ehrlichia equi is found where
Phosphate enemas should not be used in cats as it can precipitate what potentially fatal condition(s)
A potentially fatal mosquito borne viral disease that infects horses and humans.
This is a horse disease caused by a retrovirus and transmitted by bloodsucking insects.
Equine influenza virus affects horses at what age
Lou Gehrig’s Disease in horses.
This disease it the #1 neuro disease of equine and is a GREAT MIMICKER.
Equine viral arteritis is transmitted how
Erysipelas can cause:
Erythema Multiform is caused by what
Causes diarrhea, dysentery in young cattle and mastitis in older cattle.
Do you ever cut an esophageal stricture
This is usually asymptomatic and slow growing, noted only as incidental findings during routine radiography or endoscopy. Occasionally, they may be discovered during the evaluation of dysphagia or vague chest discomfort.
Occurs post anesthesia do to gastroesophageal reflux.
A severe skin reaction which presents as ulcerative skin lesions associated with drug administration, infection, tumors and connective tissue disease.
This is used for mismating in canines and has a 30% increased chance of uterine infection and longer heat.
Cytauxzoon felis’s onset is when
Dermatophytosis is also known as:
Tricophyton Verrucosum A. Dogs and Cats
Trichophyton Equinum B. Cattle/Sheep/Goats
Microsporum Nanum C. Horse
Microsporum Canis D. Pig
Benign overgrowth of gums.
There are 3 types of common dental lesions in cats. Which one does not apply
Bacterial infection of the tissue surrounding the teeth.
Inflammation of marginal gingival tissues induced by bacterial plaque (periodontal ligament or alveolar bone not affected).
Destructive inflammatory process driven by plaque that destroys gingival, periodontal ligament, alveolar bone and root cementum.
A zoonotic disease is a disease of animals that may be transmitted to man under natural conditions. All of these are examples except:
A widened left atrium and left ventricle, bulging interventricular septum from left to right, and thin ventricular walls means the patient has what
Dysfunction of autonomic nervous system in cats.
A race horse that quits running suddenly is said to have what
Skin discoloration with erythema, diamond-shaped skin lesions sloughing ear tips and tails are clinical signs of what
Sudden onset of fever, explosive dry cough and serous nasal discharge means your horse has what
What is the prognosis of a horse with Equine LMN Disease
Normal flora of dogs passed from mother to pups within what time frame
The rumen, reticulum, and omasum are the forestomach compartments while the abomasum is the “true” stomach of the cow.
The dairy cow often has abomasal disorders. Which of the following is not a correct way to treat the cow
Which of the following is not a common clinical sign of a dairy cow with abomasal ulcers
Abomasal ulcers are most common in dairy cows in the first ___ weeks of production.
When examining the cow on the left side, you ‘ping’ between the ____ ribs.
The most common infectious cause of abortion in horses is ____, last trimester.
In Mares, twin pregnancies often result in abortion, but you can crush the smallest embryo at day ______ after confirmation of pregnancy in attempt to have a successful birth.
When administering the tranquilizer Acepromazine, you should decrease the dose in animals with ______(more than one answer).
When an Acetabular fracture has occurred, bone plates and screws are used for _______ fixation.
Which of the following is not a clinical sign of acetaminophen poisoning
Acrodermatitis is a lethal familial ____ deficiency in white bull terriers.
Acrodermatitis can cause retarded growth, and usually results in death by __ year(s) of age.
Which of the following is not associated within the major categories of Acute Abdomen.
Hypoadrenocorticism is another name for _______.
Addison’s disease is usually seen in _______.(more than one answer)
A mammal diagnosed with Addison’s disease that has a lack of aldosterone secretion can results in impaired ability to conserve ____ and excrete _____.
Which of the following is not a correct treatment for Addison’s Disease
Choose which word correctly fills in the blanks of the following statements:
The Zona glomerulosa, Zona fasciculate, and Zona reticularis belong to _____.
The Zona glomerulosa is the ____layer of the adrenal cortex and secretes _____.
The Zona reticularis is the _____ layer of the adrenal cortex that secretes _____.
The Zona fasciculate is the ____layer of the adrenal cortex that secretes _____.
The Adrenal Medulla is a modified sympathetic nervous system ganglion that secretes __________.
Which of the following is not an important role of the Adrenal Medulla
Pheochromocytoma is another name for an________ of the adrenal medulla, which may secrete either hormone.
Aldosterone regulates ion transport of epithelial cells, resulting in excretion of K+ and conservation of Na+. This is a function of _________.
Regulating carbohydrate, protein and lipid metabolism resulting in sparing of glucose and lipolysis is a function of _____.
Progesterone, estrogens, and androgens are __________.
This type of hormone can suppress inflammatory and immunologic responses.
This hormone can have a negative effect on wound healing due to inhibition of fibroblast proliferation and collagen synthesis.
Aelurostrongylus abstrusus is _______ lungworm.
The signs of a cat effected with an aelurostrongylus abstrusus include _________, and is treated by levamisole.
The highly contagious viral disease that resembles hog cholera and must be reported is the _______.
What causes respiratory tract infection in chickens, with a high rate of carcass condemnation
Aldosterone regulates electrolyte and water balance by promoting retention of _____ and the excretion of _____.
Retention of water induces an increase in ______ volume and ______ pressure.
Angiotensin II stimulates the secretion of _______.
A parvoviral infection of mink resulting in immune complex formation and deposistion, and no vaccine is available is what type of disease
Which of the following is not a cause of Alkalosis
While pertaining to alkalosis, cow saliva is rich in ______.
While pertaining to alkalosis, horse saliva is rich in _____.
This disease is caused by displacement of normal cells with amyloid deposits, mainly liver, spleen, brain, and kidneys.
Amyloidosis consists of two major amyloid protein groups. The ___ is released from hepatocytes due to chronic infection.
Amyloidosis consists of two major amyloid protein groups. The __ is composed of partially degraded immunoglobulin light chains produced by malignant plasma cells.
This disease causes chronic bright red blood with normal stools, and is also known as Hematochezia.
This disease is transmitted ruminants through contamination with infected blood via ticks, horse flies, stable flies, or mechanical transfer of blood. The clinical signs include depression, inappetence, fever, decreased production, and marked icterus.
Ancylostoma caninum is also known as ________ hookworm.
_________have no peripherally circulating retiulocytes.
True or False:
Intravascular red blood cell destruction within blood vessels and loss of Hgb from cells is a sign of what type of anemia
Macrocytic, normochromic, nRBCs with regenerative response taking from two to five days describes what type of anemia
Chronic ____ blood loss will have no Fe deficiency.
Chronic _____blood loss via skin, UT, GIT will have Fe deficiency.
Which of the following is not a correct use of an anticholinergic
Atropine given at a low dose can ________.
Atropine given at a moderate dose can _____.
Which of the following works quicker in an emergency, but only lasts 2-3 hours
_____ is 2-4 times more potent than _____, but the duration of action is four times longer (4-6 hours), and prevents bradycardia without causing tachycardia.
_______ calms the animal, facilitates handling for induction, and decreases amount of induction drugs.
This type of sedative acts as an appetite stimulant in cats.
Analgesia, euphoria, antitussive, anti-diarrheal is a description of _____.
Morphine is a pure______.
Butorphanol is a _____.
Buprenorphine is a partial_____.
CNS depression by inhibiting synaptic transmission and diminishing neuronal excitation in the cerebral cortex and RAS.
Which of the following barbiturates is shorter acting
Which of the following barbiturates does not potentiate seizure, and is good for brain patients but not so good for heart (arrhythmias, bigeminy)
Which of the following induction agents has an rapid onset, short duration of action, and rapid recovery
Which of the following induction agents depresses corticothalamic system, stimulates limbic system, and produces unconsciousness but retain high muscle tone and may move spontaneously
Which of the following induction agents suppresses adrenals and decreases cortisol, and causes hemolysis of cells in cats
The _____ the blood solubility coefficient, the ______ it takes for anesthesia to occur.
This inhalation agent lowers threshold to catecholamine-induced arrhythmias, then meth, then iso and sevo.
This inhalation agent is a better analgesic than halothane but more respiration depression is seen in dogs and cats; it also has greatest hypotensive effect, and little or no hepatic metabolism.
This inhalation agent interacts with soda lime TO form nephrotoxic compound A. MAC~2.3.
______ can mix with epinephrine to increase duration of effects, but impair perfusion to affected tissue.
___ blocks are used for declawing.
______ are used for ophthalmic sx, exotics restraint, fundoscopy in birds/reptiles.
Which of the following describes Stage I depth of anesthesia
Which of the following describes Stage III depth of anesthesia
Systolic below ___ and mean below __ are worry numbers when anesthetized.
_______kills slowly, while ____ kills quickly.
The normal pH is ____.
Tricaine methanesulfonate (MS-222) is the only anesthetic agent approved by FDA for _____.
_______ need blood volume and Ca++ for these to work.
ß¹, α¹, α² adrenergic agonist; emergency hypotensive treatment post-resusc.
_____is used in horses, can use for intraop bradycardia, and is a ß¹ adrenergic agonist, inotropic, and poor chronotrope.
Aphthovirus in picornavirus family. Ruminant, swine. Test and slaughter; this is a sign of what disease
Rhabdovirus. Horses, cattle, and pigs. Arthropod vectors; this is a sign of what disease
Most common inherited bleeding disorder in dogs is _______.
Cats. Blue eyed albino assoc w/ deafness. Dt melanoblast migration is what kind of syndrome
Abnormal lipid metabolism is called _______.
Slipping of wool, anorexia, listlessness, poor production, parokeratosis, stiff joints, unthriftiness, alopecia, dermatitis, poor wound healing. Crusted food pad lesions in dogs is a deficiency of ______.
Venereal disease of cattle characterized by early fetal death (repeat breeding and prolonged calving interval), infertility, and postcoital pyometra. Found in genital tract of cow and bull.
True or False: Cauliflower-like tumor located on interior genitalia is called an Transmissible Venereal Tumor.
Parasites of conjunctival sac, called the Thelazia, is an ______.
Idiopathic Acute Hepatic Disease; Serum Hepatitis. Most common cause of acute hepatitis in horse is what type of disease
True or False:
Adhesion of eyelid to eyeball is called Symblepharon.
Causes upper respiratory tract infections in dogs. Often 2º invader.; Known as Streptococcus zooepidemicus.
Sarcoids, the most common tumor of horses, can occur where on the body
Which of the following can be described as fluid-filled and painless
What is the cure for Sebaceous Adenitis in Standard Poodles
Which of the following is NOT a clinical sign of roundworms
The following are true of Salmonellosis EXCEPT
Which of the following is NOT a reportable condition
Mucoid diarrhea with flecks of blood is indicative of
Which is NOT an effective treatment against tapeworms
Which of the suture materials below should NOT be used to close the bladder
NSAIDs can cause all of the following EXCEPT
Which of the following would most likely be used to treat Spirocerca lupi
Clinical findings including sudden onset of high fever, depression, weakness, anorexia, weight loss, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, and lymphadenopathy would most likely result in a diagnosis of
Treatment for roundworms includes all of the following EXCEPT
Absorbable sutures lose tensile strength within ___ days of implantation.
A definitive host of Toxoplasmosis is
Another name for Toxocariasis is
Incubation time for tetanus is ___ days.
Which suturing pattern should be used viscerally and not on skin
Streptococcus equi equi can be controlled with a vaccine given
Which of the following is a major public health risk
Birds ingest spores and die of fulminant pulmonary edema. This statement most likely refers to
Where is the most common location for sarcoids
It is inadvisable to own or handle the feces of _____ because of the presence of roundworms.
“Milk spots” on the liver indicates migration of roundworms in _____.
Cryosurgery, hypothermia, radiation, immunotherapy with cisplatinum, and BCG are all treatments for
Prolonged incubation, severe pruritus, emaciation, CNS, and death are all characteristics of
Sertoli cell tumors are most common in _____.
Serum sickness is
Treatment for splints would include
Streptococcus zooepidemicus in horses causes
Strychnine is a(n)
Sinusitis is usually due to
Septic Arthritis presents as
Nonabsorbable sutures maintain tensile strength for __ days after implantation.
The most reactive of all suture materials is
Stainless steel sutures
What is the largest suture size
What is symblepharon
All are treatments for TEME EXCEPT
The most sensitive mammal to tetanus is _____; the least sensitive is _____.
Toxoplasmosis is an important cause of abortion in humans and in
Which is not a cardiac abnormality see in Thromboembolic Disease
Which of the following is NOT a type of round cell tumor
An estimated 750 children lose their sight in the USA each year due to
Sarcoptes scabiei (dogs) and Notoedres cati (cats) are more commonly known as
What are two symptoms of Salmonellosis
Scabies presents in all of the following locations EXCEPT
Sebaceous Adenitis is highly inflammatory and may respond to synthetic retinoids in which breed of dog
Which is not a symptom of Sorghum Cystitis
If your veterinarian proposed treatment with aggressive debridement and a nail trim and suggested that you not breed your pet, what would your pet most likely have
In reptiles, steatitis is caused by
Thermal sterilization can be achieved at 121˚C and 15 psi for ___ minutes.
Strongyloides westeri infection appears by day
Choose the FALSE statement concerning sulfonamides.
Wounds do not gain strength until ___ days postop.
Simple interruption suture pattern has how many tissue penetration points
Choose the correct statement concerning suture materials.
_____ would be treated with an antibacterial such as Linomycin.
Select the correct statement.
Tetanus toxin interferes with the release of
Thelazia are parasites of which part of the eye
Clinical signs of Theiler’s Disease include all EXCEPT
In the case of a ruptured bladder, the blood work would show the following EXCEPT
Which of the following causes eosinophilic meningoencephalitis in pigs
Transmission of salmon poisoning in dogs occurs with
Which of the following have no treatment
Treatment for sublingual sialocele would most likely be
Gram – infections are most common in
Sporotrichosis is treated with
Clinical signs of Streptococcus equi equi do NOT include
Treatment for Stringhalt includes tenectomy of
Strongyloides vulgaris is contracted via
Which suture material should only be used on the skin surface and not implanted
The mattress suture pattern has ___ tissue penetration points.
What is the smallest suture size
Which of the following is NOT a result of ingestion of toxic quantities of spoiled sweet clover
How is Swine Vesicular Disease transmitted
Choose the two that are resistant to tetanus.
Bowed tendons are treated with
Surgery is used as treatment for Tetrology of Fallot
Which of the following is an acute, severe, compressive, thoracolumbar disease
Sialoceles most commonly involve
Which is the FALSE statement concerning sialoceles
In which two species is it difficult to find sporotrichosis organisms
Staphylococcosis is a(n)
Chemical sterilization utilizes which of the following
Strongyloides westeri larvae are passed from mother to foal
A sertoli cell tumor is a(n)
Which of the following suture materials should NOT be used to close body walls
Coumarol poisoning is caused by consumption of toxic quantities of spoiled
The name for generalized retinal degeneration and cardiomyopathy in cats is
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is diagnosed by
Which is NOT included in Tetrology of Fallot
Theiler’s Disease is the most common cause of _____ in horses.
One type of stomach tumor that is treatable is
What is the treatment for coumarol poisoning
TEME causes which of the following
Select the true statement about tetanus.
Animals that have been treated with lidocaine cannot be used in food for at least how long
Patient comes to you with fever, muscle ache, headache, nausea and diarrhea. Patient is starting to get confused, looses balance and is starting to have convulsions. Which could be the possible diagnosis
This disease is similar to Marek’s disease and is difficult to diagnosis: need to look for tumor in bursa.
Malignant hyperthermia has the following symptoms:
Inflammation of breast tissue is called
A mulluscicide and resembles strychnine poisoning.
A motor unit:
Necrotic laryngitis is/ can be caused by
Epilepsy is usually treated with:
Treatment for nitrate toxicity is
What would be the most effective treatment of Listeria monocytogenes
Linear foreign bodies are found most commonly where on a dog or cat
Diseases that can be transmitted from animal to humans are called
______ is a yeast infection found in both dogs and cats (more prominent in dogs) within the ear canal, anal sacs, vagina and rectum.
Mesquite Bean toxicity is more likely to cause problems for which animals
Postmortem exam of 10 of 13 mules that died suddenly revealed acute severe congestion and hemorrhages of liver, lung, spleen, heart, intestinal mucosa were found. Histopathological exam of tissue from these organs revealed infiltration of mononuclear cell
Neonatal isoerythrolysis is most common in
Neospra caninum can cause the fetus of a bitch to
Treatment for Newcastle disease is
What is a possible treatment for ringworm in cats
What is the name for an infection of the jawbone
A complex viral disease with various manifestations found in chickens:
This can be also be known as Anthrax or woolsorter’s disease:
With megacolon a last resort is colonectomy, if this happens how long does it take of an animal to start solidifying feces
This drug is used to treat heartburn:
All of the following are true of morphine except:
Navicular disease is more prominent in
Neospra caninum is found in
Some of the clinical signs of this disease are pale swollen kidneys, perirenal edema, and anorexia.
To diagnosis linear foreign bodies one can:
Prognosis for a cat with lung worms:
Treatment/ prevention of zoonotic disease for animals is
This disease is ubiquitous and highly contagious, a neurotropic disease, transmitted via aerosol if stable in environment.
Mast cell tumors are most frequently in:
A dairy cow has just calved approximately 48 hrs ago. She is starting to have muscle tremors, had loss of appetite, and unsteadiness. You run test and find her blood calcium levels are low, a possible diagnosis is
This disease impedes metabolism of tissue Cu, inhibits Cu enzymes, and promotes Cu excretion.
Necrotic laryngitis is also known as
Neuroleptanalgesia can be achieved by the use of
Nitrogenous waste products of fish are
Nitrogenous waste products of mammals are
Treatments for lidocaine toxicity for animals include:
The presence of a fine emulsion of fatty substance in the blood is known as
This disease can cause abnormalalities in the skin, joints, heart and nervous system:
Proventricular dilation disease (PDD) or _____ is a very devastating, fatal disease affecting these birds.
Treatment for malignant hyperthermia might be:
Treatment for mast cell tumors is:
Megaesophageus has the following symptoms:
Symptoms of metaldehyde is:
Metabolic bone disease more likely affects which species:
Some possible causes of megacolon are:
Common primary brain tumor in cats is
Mesquite Bean toxicity can cause:
Multiple myeloma is
Myasthenia gravis:
A poultry coccidiostat. Toxicity requires a large dose in cattle, a normal dose in horses and cause death due to hear failure.
Myasthenia gravis is:
Mycobacterium avium if diagnosis in dogs should be
Mycoplasma can cause:
The cause of mycetoma include:
Owner brings in his cat, the cat has been messing with his ears a lot the owner tells you. Examining the cat you notice he has an infection in his ears and mouth, what might a possible diagnosis be
MAI (mycobacterium avium i) is most commonly found in
Epithelial, mesenchymal and round cell are all types of
Tick paralysis botulism and polyradiculoneuritis are all:
Toxicities affecting the Nervous System:
Metaldehyde causes:
ANTU & lead cause/ affect:
Hexachlorophene and ethylenglycol affect/ cause:
This affects cows most frequently. Rumenal flora reduces nitrate to ammonia and nitrite blood is brown and can cause sudden death.
Canine idiopathic vestibular syndrome is also known as:
Canine idiopathic vestibular syndrome is also known as
What is it when the brain’s electrical activity is periodically disturbed resulting in some degree of temporary brain dysfunction
Leukocytozoon is a blood parasite that is more commonly found in what type of animal
Leukocytozoonosis is a disease that is transmitted by the bite from a
Possible symptoms of lidocaine toxicity could be:
This helminthes lives in the alveoli, bronchioles, bronchi and trachea of cats
A blood-borne disease that localizes in the intestinal wall and causes miscarriages and even death.
Some of the signs for this disease is thickness in areas the bone, honeycombed with tiny abscesses. Tissues within the mouth become swollen, difficulty in chewing, lesions in the jaw:
Clinical signs of lupine toxicity include:
Disease carried mostly by ticks that are in bacterium in their stomachs:
Animals that could be affected by lupine toxicity
The treatment for PDD is
Marek’s disease can be treated or cured by
Acute fatal toxemia of cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and horses caused by contamination of wounds.
Symptoms of multiple myeloma include:
An African gray parrot that is presented for necropsy is suspected to have psittacosis. Which of the following findings is most likely to confirm the diagnosis
Infection of pregnant cows with bovine viral diarrhea virus may cause which of the following neurologic abnormalities in the newborn calf
A 550-lb (249.2-kg) steer is standing alone and shifting its weight from one rear leg to the other. Physical examination shows spasms in the perineal area. Which of the following is the most appropriate diagnostic test
A 5-year-old cat is being evaluated because of a sudden onset of paralysis of the rear legs. Femoral pulses are absent, and the rear legs are cold and painful. Spinal reflexes of the rear legs are absent. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosi
An otherwise healthy 9-year-old male Terrier dog with constipation is found to have a symmetrically enlarged prostate gland. On physical examination, palpation of the prostate gland does not produce pain; it is twice the normal size and movable within th
T/F Malignan catarrhal fever can be treated with antibiotics
T/F Malignant hyperthermia is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait in humans
T/F Old bud toxicity is when an animal consumes a large amt. of young oak leaves or green acorns
T/F Signs from canine idiopathic vestibular syndrome never regresses
T/F Neonatal calf diarrhea syndrome is the major cause of calf loss
T/F Neoplasia includes cells in a specific location
T/F A patient with lipemia has a greater risk for pancreatitis
T/F Congenital megaesophagus is believed to occur do to incomplete nerve development in the esophagus
T/F Methotrexate is a folic acid protagonist used as an antineoplastic
T/F Monensin is used in ruminants feed as a growth prominant
T/F Mycoplasmia does not affect goats
T/F In neonatal Isoerythrolysis newborn inherits antigen from sire that is not present on dam’s RBC.
T/F Myelophthisic causes anemia
When talking about joint fluid analysis what is the normal amount of cells per HPF
What type of anemia is non-regenerative
What breed of dogs is prone to Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca
Ivermectin enhances the release of what
Which of these does not increase with Ketamine
Ketoconazole does what
Lactic Acidosis is caused by what
What part of the world does Leishmania happen at
What type of cat does Lentigo Simplex happen to
Which of the following does Lead Toxicity not cause
How can you receive Leptospirosis
Hypovitaminsosis D is osteomalacia in what
What is a side effect of having Ich
What is not a symptom of Horner’s Syndrome
What is the result of Hydronephrosis
What animal is affected by Infectious Bronchitis
What are the side effects of Intussusceptions
What is not a sign of Iodine Toxicity
Hypovitaminsosis A is most common in what type of animal
Hypothyroidism happens in what age of dogs
Where is Hyperthyroidism most common
When talking about Hypovitaminsosis A extensive ankylosing reactive tissue affects what area of the vertebrae most
What is the cause of Hypovitaminosis A
If the diet is corrected Hypovitaminosis A will subside
How much sodium thionitrosol do you give an animal with Johnson Grass
Where is the bacteria localized at in Johne’s disease
What gland is ruined by immune medicated destruction in Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca
Is there a treatment that will cure Johne’s disease
All of the following are side effects that lead toxicity causes in cattle except
All of the following are side effects that lead toxicity causes in cats and dogs except
Leishmania mostly happens outside the U.S. but small foci of infection happen in all of the following states but which one
The treatment for Leishmania is pentavalent antimonial compounds and is approved in all animals except which one
Legumes cause
You find Leptospirosis in all of the following places except
What antagonizes insulin
What is grade 1 of laryngeal hemiplegia and paralysis considered
Leishmania is considered a fatal disease
Knemidokoptes Mites is considered
How do you control Leishmania
When do dairy cows show signs of laminitis
How long after lactic acidosis happens does the abortion follow
How old are large and giant breed dogs when hypertrophic osteodustrophy happens
CPK can be what as a result of leakage from damaged mm.
What are the clinical signs of hyperthyroidism
What do you want to do for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Hypoparathyroidism is very common
What is hypokalemic polumyopathy related to
How long is the treatment for hypothyroidism
What is the storage organ
What is hypertropic osteopathy related to
What size are the limbs because of hypertropic osteopathy
Impetigo occurs as superficial infection of face of newborn what
Infectious bronchitis occurs in what body system
Infectious canine hepatitis occurs in dogs normally, it also occurs in all the following animals except
Inflammatory bowel disease is most common in what animal
Insulinoma is a functional islet cell tumor of what organ
The number one cause of inflammatory bowel disease is lympoplasmacytic enteritis
Degeneration and protrusion of IVD results in compression on what
What is the result of foals of dams that are fed excessive iodine
Where do you normally see type II intervertebral disc disease
If type II intervertebral disc disease is severe when the surgery should be done
All are clinical signs of Insulinoma except
Infectious bursal disease is a viral disease of what animal
Regular insulin is to be used in all of the following except
What is the blood glucose at to be diagnoses with Insulinoma
If intussusception is chronic you will see what symptom
Impetigo is considered a staph skin infection
The treatment for infectious bovine Keratoconjunctivitis is what
Sudden death of Ich would be if what gets involved
How can humans become infected with Johne’s disease
Johnson grass causes
How does Johne’s disease affect public health
All of the following may cause Leptospirosis except
Which grade does the “tie back” occur with laryngeal hemiplegia
The treatment for Knemidokoptes mites is Tx with 1/10,000 ivermec orally, when should this be repeated again
The prevention of unborn calves catching Johne’s disease is all of the following except
What are the signs of lead toxicity
Which of the following is a clinical sign of laminitis in cows
What is the treatment for lactic acidosis
Only pruritic endocrine disorder is called hypercalcemia
When is type I hypersensitivity evident
What should you do to bitches before breeding them
What can parasitize cattle and rarely horses
How do you treat hypertropic osteopathy
How do you know you have type IV of hypersensitivity
What does hypoderma cause
What type of reaction happens in Type III of hypersensitivity
How do you treat lead toxicity
When animals have larkspur they will normally die from what
All of the following are treatment plans for treating infectious canine hepatitis except
How often do you use PZI insulin
What is a major cause of intussusceptions
When should you give NPH insulin
Insulin secreting Beta Cells results in hypoglycemia
What antagonizes insulin
All of the following are main targets for infectious canine hepatitis except
Corneal clouding is known as what
Where do lesions occur at in Avian
All are clinical signs of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis except
How is infectious bovine Keratoconjunctivitis diagnosed
Blood volume can be approximated as how much percent of a dogs body weight
Normal blood volume in dogs is what
Blood loss exceeding 25% can lead to what
Blue Tongue Virus is carried by what
Sighs of Blue Tongue disease in Sheep include all accept
Neonatal Calf Disease is called what
Mad cow disease can be what
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy is _______
Mad Cow disease can be transmitted by food borne exposure or________
Brucellosis can affect all species except
Bovine Viral Diarrhea is most common in ______ ages 8-24 months of age
Treatment for Brackenfern is__
Brackerfern is referred in cattle as_________
All dairy animals must be vaccinated between which ages
Vaccination of beef heifers are opitional between which ages
Where should you ID calves
Brucellosis is caused by a bacteria called______
Brucellosis in sheep is caused by what bacteria
In humans Brucellosis can be called _________
Bucked Shins is most common during which age of horses
Vaccinations can be given to animals after maximum age
Normal blood volume in cats is 50mls /kg in dogs
Chronic synovitis in tibiotarsal joints is called Bog Spavin
Borreliosis is Tick born bacterial disease in domestic animals and humans
Bovine Leukosis Virus treatment includes thiamine
Bovine Corona Virus can cause vomiting in humans
Pemphigus Vulgaris can cause all except one of these symptoms
Zoonotic is ____
Fungal diseases include_________
Capillaria aerophila is___________
Capillaria plica is ___________
Capillaria plica is found in all these places except
Caprine Arthritis-Encephalitis (CAE) is transmitted through _________
Adult dairy goats get leukoencephalomyelitis
Young goats get chronic arthritis and mastitis
Calcitriol helps maintain calcium levels
Sinus arrhythmia is uncommon in cats
Calcitriol is synthesized where
Sinus bradycardia is caused by an increase of _________
Treatment of Sinus bradycardia include all except
Of all of these which one is not Zoonotic
Explain Bone Blood Supply
Propanolol is a Class II B blocker other than that what does it also does
Side effects of Propanolol include all except
Which species is more commonly known to have cataracts
Chlamydia psittaci is a common infectious disease of ___________
Many animals choke on their food, which animal chokes on their food by eating greedily
Cheyletiella is also known as _____
Sinus tachycardia is caused by ______
Bullous disease is ________
Acute enteritis in dogs
Autoimmune skin disease of dogs characterized by depigmentation __________
Obstruction of esophagus by food____________
Blue smoke Persians_______
Opacity of the lens of the eye or its capsule___________
Caseous abscessation of lymph nodes and internal organs in sheep and goats__________
____________ requires regular dust baths to maintain healthy coat and skin
Extremely toxic, contains Ricinus Communis________
Most common congenital defect is VSD_______
More effective against growing bacteria__________
Cat scratch fever is believed to be caused by an infectis agent
DMC is rare in cats
Digoxine has a positive chronotrope, and a negative inotrope
Nitroglycerin is emergency use for CHF
Brackenfern causes thiamine deficiency in horses
What is the treatment for Brackenfern
During Blue Tongue Virus what percentage of cattle will not survive
Fibrous callus appears_________ days after fracture
Multisystemic autoimmune disease of dogs and cats
Which one of these is a Ca++ channel blocker
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