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Chapter 6 Anat/Phys

Chapter 6 Anatomy & Physiology Vet Tech

Besides supporting the other tissues of the body, what else do bones do? bones protect many delicate, vital organs and tissues by surrounding them partially or completely. Bones act as levers for skeletal muscles to move the body. act as storage sites for minerals. some serve as sites for blood cell formation in the bone marr
what are three kinds of bone cells? what role does each play in the life of a bone 1.osteoblasts are the cells hat form bone where it is needed. 2. osteocytes are bone cells. 3. osteoclasts eat bone away. by removing bone from where it is not needed, osteoclasts make it possible for remodeling to take place
what are the main differences between the structures of cancellous bone and compact bone cancellous bone consists of tiny spicules of bone randomly arranged with lots of spaces between them (giving them a sponge like appearance) Compacy bone is heavy and dense. it is composed of tiny tightly compacted cylinders of bone
why does the body need two different types of bone cancellous bone keeps an animals body weight lower, being lighter than compact bone. both types of bone are needed to stand up to the stresses encountered by an animal's skeleton
what is bone marrow and what is the difference between the red kind and the yellow kind bone marrow fills the spaces within bones. red bone marrow is the type that forms red blook cells. yellow bone marrow is primarily made up of adipose connective tissue(fat) and does not produce blood cells.
name the skull bones that make up the exterior bones of the cranium occipital bone, interparietal bones, parietal bones, temporal bones and frontal bones
interior bones of the cranium sphenoid bone and rostral ethmoid bone
bones of the ear malleus, incus and stapes
external bones of the face incisive bones, nasal bones, maxillary bones, lacrimal bones, zygomatic bones and mandible
internal bones of the face palatine bones, pterygoid bones, vomer bone and turbinates
which digit is the dewclaw on the front leg of a dog metacarpal 1
what is the difference between a tendon and a ligament tendons join muscles to bones and ligaments join bones to other bones
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