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Fall Produce

Fall Produce codes for Farmfresh

Bananas 4011
Red Grapes 4023
Red Globe Grapes 4275
Pineapple 4430
Pink Grapefruit 4027
Onion 4159
Jumbo Florida Navel 4382
Yellow Squash 4782
Curly Kale 4620
Collard Greens 4614
Zucchini 4067
Granny Smith Apples 4017
Green Pear 4416
Boso Pear 4026
Pomegranate 4446
Green Pepper 4065
Cucumber 4062
Honeycrisp Apple 3283
Broccoli 4060
Cantalope 4050
Red Delicious 4016
Tangerine 3144
Gold Delicious Apple 4020
Romaine Lettuce 4640
Green Leaf Lettuce 4076
Created by: farmfresh