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1230 Final

Random Hematology Shit

Granulocytes Neutrophil Eosinophil Basophil
Agranulocytes Monocyte Lymphocyte
Uncommon Leukocytes Mast Cells Plasma Cells Megakerocyte
Most common Leukocyte in Dog/Cat Neutrophil
Most Common Leukocyte in Cow/Foal Lymphocyte
Lymphocyte Function Immune responce Antibodies
Neutrophil Function 1st line of defense Bacteria
Eosinophil Function Parasites Allergies
Basophil function Parasite Allergies
Monocyte Function Tissu macrophages
Hypersegmented Neutrophils caused by Old Blood Corticosteroids Normal for NonHuman Primates
Hematopoiesis sites Mendullary (bone) Extramendullarly (Spleen, Liver)
What is a metarubricyte NRBC
How long dose it take for the bone marrow to respond 5 days
DO NOT evaluate in Feathered Edge Cell morphology
DO NOT evaluate in Body Platelet numbers
Where is Platelet numbers estimated Monolayer
RBC Mass indices RBC PVC HCT
RBC size indices RDW
Acanthocytes caused by Liver Dz
Poikilocytosis Abnormal Morphology
Anisocytosis Variation in size
Echinocytes are common in healthy.... Cats
Hypochromasia caused by Iron Deficieny
Microcytic shows increase in MCV
Hyperchromic cells show increase in MCHC
Intrinsic pathway Intravascularly
Extrinsic pathway In Tissue
Final phase of Hemostasis Degration of Fibrin Clot
Major Cross match Patient serum Donors Cells
Minor crossmatch Donors seum Patient's Cells
Von willebrand's disease causes Abnormal platelet adhesivness
Most common coagulation disorder Thrombocytopenia
What is plasma Clotting Factors
Snake Blood Draw site Tail heart
Lizard Blood Draw Site Tail
Chelonian Blood Draw site Jugular Tail Under Shell
Crocodilian Blood draw site Tail
Who has oval nucleated RBC Avains
Created by: LittleLette



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