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VT 1230 Finnal

Hematology In Class Review 12-20-10

Cause of Heinz Bodies hemolytic anemias resulting in hemoglobin precipitates
Cause of Schistocytes DIC
Cause of Eccentrocytes displaced Hb Bone Marrow Problems
cause of Agglutination Immune mediated Anemia
Cause of Sepheocytes Immune mediated Anemia
Cause of Basophilic stippling Lead Poisoning
Esinophils Caused by Allergic reactions
Cause of vacuoles Prolonged Circulation
Cause of Hypocromashia Iron deficient anemia
Cause of Burr Cells Renal Dz
Term for Multiple size variation among RBCs Anisocytosis
How much Blood can be taken from a Pocket Pet 1ml per 100g
Where can you take blood from a Rabbit Marginal ear Vein saphenous vein
Perfered Anticoagulant for Small mammals Heparin EDTA
Why can't you use EDTA for Chemistries? It adds calcium to sample
What are Heterophils Nutrophils in Pocket Pets
Guinea pigs have... Kurloff cells
Smug cells are NRBCs
cause of platelet clumps Too many pokes during blood draw
How much blood can be taken from a Reptile? 5-8% of body weight
Site for Blood Draw in Reptiles Tail Jugular Ventral Abdominal vein
What are Chelonians? Turtles
Site for Chelonian Blood Draw Juglar coccygeal Under Shell
Who has oval NRBC Avians
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