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ANSC245- sow estrous

Fall 2010

after ovulation, what do follicular structures transform into? Corpus Lutea
Ovaries produce ova,progesterone and estrogen
estrogen hormone responsible for the regulation of reproduction processes and the typical signs of estrus
LH luteinizing hormone. produced by anterior pituitary.
what does the LH do? stimulates ovulation
FSH Follicle Stimulating Hormone, secreted by pituitary gland
what does FSH do? enhances follicle growth
CL corpus lutea. produces progesterone
GnRH gonadotrophin releasing hormone. secreted by the hypothalmus
what does GNRH do? regulates anterior pituitary gland's releasing of FSH and LH
PGF2alpha produced by uterus when sow is not pregnant
what does the PGF2alpha do? causes the CL to regress and decreases progesterone secretion
what does the pituitary gland release? FSH and LH
what happens around day 6 if the sow isn't preganant? uterus releases PGF2alpha to cause the CL to regress
Created by: Rflorman