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VetMed Pharm12

Haemostasis Pharmacology

Heparin MOA binds to plasma anti-thrombin III --> forms AT-III-heparin-thrombin complex inhibits biochemical activity of thrombin suppresses thrombin-mediated fibrinogen suppresses other coagulation factors suppresses normal platelet function
Danaparoid MOA anti-thrombin III inhibition of factor Xa tx deep-vein thrombosis
Streptokinase MOA promotes generation of active plasmin
Anti-platelet Therapy facilitates endothelial repair at sites of vascular injury
Arterial vs. Venous Thrombosis arterial - >platelets venous - >fibrin
Multiple Clinical Conditions RxTx by Heparin DIC vascular thrombosis septic pleuritis and peritonitis hypercoag states - nephritic syndrome, cushing's, cardiomyopathy angina & myocardial infarction, cardiac bypass (humans) lipemia conditions r
Molecular Disadvantages of Excessively High Doses of Aspirin in Tx DIC/Arterial Thrombosis inhibits biochem activity of platelet thromboxane synthesis and vascular endothelial PGI2 --> exacerbates hypercoag disorders
Heparin Therapy Sequelae increased hemorrhagic tendencies premature/accelerated removal of RBCs (EV hemolysis)
NSAIDs Therapy Sequelae inhibits biochem activity of platelet thromboxane synthesis and vascular endothelial PGI2 --> exacerbates hypercoag disorders
Coag Factors Inhibited by Heparin IIa IXa Xa Xia thrombin anti-thrombin III
Antidote for Heparin Therapy protamine sulfate
RxTx to Dx Certain Coag Factor Deficiencies aspirin
Precautions to Admin of Whole Blood, Plasma, Platelet-Enriched Plasma tx primary dz state cross-match donor and recipient simultaneous tx with anti-coag and/or anti-platelet therapy
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