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Animal Science 1

Lab Final

The Following are examples of Continental Breeds of cattle? Simmental and Clarolais
The Following are composite beef cattle breeds? Beefmaster and Brangus
Name the breed of cattle which has white hair and black skin pigmentation. It is a large,late maturing breed. Chianina
These Cattle are a very maternal oriented Continental breed which range in color from straw color to dark red and originated in Switzerland. Simmental
Is a composite breed developed in South Texas. These cattle are among the few breeds with no set color pattern. Beefmaster
This composite breed was the first composite which was developed in the U.S. It is 5/8 shorthorn and 3/8 Brahman and was developed on the King Ranch Santa Gertrudis
This breed of cattle has both red and grey strains. They are noted for heat and parasite resistance and are a large basis for crossbreading systems in the southern US Brahman
Are red, naturally polled moderate sized British beef breed. Red angus
The breed of cattle is originally from France. They are white in color and have light colored skin. Charolais
Name the breed of hog which is referred to as the 'mother breed' in its native England. Yorkshire
This breed of hog is primarily used as a sire breed. It is black in color with a white belt around its shoulders. Hampshire
This breed of sheep is a very old breed which has a black head and legs which are free from wool. It is often used as a sire breed in commercial production. Suffolk
Is a breed of horse which has blanket markings and was developed by the Nez Perce Indians for mountain travel. Appaloosa
Which of the following are draft breeds of horses. Percheron and Belgian
This is the most dominant breed of sheep worldwide and is noted for having extremely fine fleeces. Merino
Is the most common breed of dairy cattle in the U.S. Holstein
Is an old sheep breed which is noted for being quite small and having a light brown face and legs. Southdown
Is a hearty, fast growing breed of meat goat, They have white bodies and red heads. Spanish
Breed of dairy cow is noted for being early maturing sexually and having the highest percentage of butterfat in their milk. Jersey
Which of the following is NOT a factor used to determine yield grade in cattle. Hide color
What two factors affect USDA quality grade in cattle. marbling and maturity
Is the most popular breed of dairy goat in the United States and is known for having large,drooping ears and a Roman nose. Nubian
Is the only breed of horse which is capable of naturally overstriding. Tennessee Walking Horse
Is intramuscular fat in a beef carcass Marbling
Which of the following is NOT on of the four major cuts from a pork carcass. Bacon
Yield grade in hog carcasses are based on Last rib fat thickness
What does PSE stand for. Pale Soft Exudative
The presence of _________ on a sheep carcass will cause it to be classified as a "mutton" Spool Joints
What is the average dressing percentage of a calf 62%
Which of the following is NOT a major cut from a lamb carcass Belly
Intramuscular fat in a lamb carcass is called Flank streaking
Which of the following species has the highest dressing percentage Ovine
The Budweiser Hitch is made up of this breed of draft horse Clydesdale
Why are beef cattle dehorned All of the above
Which of the following is NOT a permanent method of beef cattle identification Ear tagging
What does EPD stand for Expected Progeny difference
A bovine is said to be "full mouthed" when it is how old 5 years
what is the length of the estrous cycle in cattle 21 days
Which of the following is NOT a method used to castrate bull calves All of the above are methods
Which of the following is NOT a common method used for dehorning cattle caustic paste
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