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VetMed SAMS1

Respiratory Pharmacology

Topical Anesthetic for Sneezing provaricane lidocaine + bicarbonate
Peripherally Acting Cough Suppressants mucosal anesthetics (cough drops) demulcents (syrups) bronchodilators
Centrally Acting Cough Suppressants antihistamines - diphenhydramine, benadryl non-narcotic antitussives - dextromethorphan narcotic antitussives - codeine, hydrocodone narcotic agonist/antagonist - butorphanol
Leukotriene Inhibitors for Inflammation zafirlukast - Accolate montelukast - Singulair tepoxalin - Zubrin
Decrease Pulmonary Capillary Pressure morphine (decreases preload) furosemide (decreases preload & produces local PG in lung) (methylxanthines)
Decrease Severe Pulmonary Hypertension oxygen sildenafil (Viagra) (prostacyclin, bosentan (Tracleer), calcium channel blockers)
Mixed Adrenergic Agonist for Bronchodilation epinephrine
Mixed Beta Adrenergic Agonist for Bronchodilation isoproterenol
Beta-2 Adrenergic Agonist for Bronchodilation terbutaline albuterol metaproterenol clenbuterol metaproterenol
Methylxanthines bronchodilation (not as good as beta-2) theophylline (aminophylline is IV form)
Decreases Half-Life of Theophylline phenobarbitol
Increases Half-Life of Theophylline fluoroquinolones cimetidine erythromycin propranolol
Anti-cholindergic Drugs bronchodilation too many side effects to routinely used
Stimulates Tubulo-Acinar Glands saline expectorants or glyceryl guaiacolate (human) volatile oils NOT cholinergics
Chemically Cleaves Mucus Disulfide Bonds nebulized acetyl cysteine
Increase Surfactant Production dexamethasone, betamethasone to dam >36hrs before birth exogenous surfactants intubated into neonate otherwise
Control Respiratory Rate and Character analeptic agents - doxapram narcotics - morphine
May Cause Bronchospasm Side Effect cholinergics, anticholinesterase propranolol, aspirin
May Dry Out Respiratory Trct anticholinergics antihistamines
May Cause Pulmonary Edema cisplatin splats cats fluids overload
May Cause Pneumonitis bromide overdose
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