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ectos lice vet

test 3 diagnostics - lice

sucking lice anoplura
biting lice mallophaga
lice life cycle eggs (5-14 days), nymph (2-3 weeks), 3-4 weeks complete
lice are very host specific
human head lice pediculus humanus var capitis
human body lice pediculus humanus var corporis
anoplura of domestic animals haematopinus, linognathus, solenoptes
mallophaga of domestic animals bovicola, damalania, trichodectus, menopon
sucking louse of swine haematopinus suis
red-headed sheep louse damalania ovis
damalania ovis is a biter
sheep foot louse linognathus pedalis
linognathus pedalis is a sucker
chewing louse of horses bovicola equi
sucking louse of horses haematopinus asini
little red louse bovicola bovis
bovicola bovis is a biter, common around base of tail, withers, neck
short nose haematopinus eurysternus
long nose linognathus vituli
little blue solenoptes capillatus
heamatopinus eurysternus, linognathus vituli, and solenoptes capillatus are sucking lice of cattle
biting louse of dogs trichodectes canis
trichodectes canis is possible intermediate host for dipylidium caninum
sucking louse of dogs linognathus piliferus
poultry biting louse menopon sp.
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