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Surgery Spelling

Vet Assistant Terms

-ectomy Surgical Removal. (Hysterectomy)
-otomy Surgical incision into
-ostomy Surgical creation of permanent opening from part to outside of body. (Colostomy)
-pexy Surgical fixation by suturing.
-centesis Surgical puncture via needle to remove fluid or air.
Orchidectomy Surgical removal of testicals. AKA: Neuter or Castration
Cystotomy Surgical incision into the urinary bladder
Anesthesia to induce lack of sensation & consciousness. AKA: Controlled Death
Ovariohysterectomy Surgical removal of ovaries & uterus. AKA: Spay
Thoracocentesis Surgical puncture via needle into thorax/chest to remove fluid or air.
Cystocentesis Surgical puncture via needle into urinary bladder to remove urine.
Gastropexy Surgical fixation of stomach by suturing to abdominal wall.
Onychectomy Surgical removal of claws. AKA: De-Claw
Cryptorchid Having hidden or undescended testicles.
Splenectomy Surgical removal of the spleen.
Surgery AKA: Sx
Antiseptic Kills microorganisms on living tissues.
Disinfectant Kills microorganisms on inanimate objects.
Enterotomy Sugical incision into intestine.
Urethrostomy Surgical creation of permanent opening from urethra to outside of body.
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