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Therio Exam #3

VetMed Therio Exam #3

Effects of E2 on Repro Tract hyperemia genital edema leukocytosis increased mucosal production increased uterine gland growth increased myometrial tone
Follicular Phase luteolysis (proestrus) + ovulation (estrus)
Luteal Phase ovulation (metestrus) + CL regression (diestrus)
Effects of P4 (-) feedback to hypothalamus stimulates max excretion by endometrial glands for fetus inhibits motility of myometrium promotes mammary development does NOT prevent follicular waves
Expected Progeny Differences provide estimates of genetic value of animal (BW, growth, maternal traits, carcass traits)
Seedstock purebred/registered cattle that produce bulls and replacement females more intense management, better records use more assisted repro techniques
Cow/Calf Producer brood cows that produce weans and sales calves
Backgrounder/Stocker Operation buys calves @ 300-700# and sells to feedlots develops on forage or grain
Reproductive Goals calf crop >90% pregnancy rate >95% 1st 21-day pregnancy rate >65%
Factors Affecting Cow Fertility age genetics days post-partum nutrition ambient temperature (heat stress) infectious agents
Voluntary Breeding Waiting Period period of time after calving and before next breeding, usually 45-65d
Days to First Service period of time from calving to first breeding, usually ~75d
21-Day Pregnancy Rate total number of cows that become pregnant during a 21-day window out of total number of cows eligible to become pregnant goal = >20% avg = 12-14%
Minimum Pelvic Measurement in Heifers 150 cm^2 @ 1YO
Four (+) Signs of Pregnancy fetal membrane slip amniotic vesicle placentomes / cotyledons fetus
Fetal Sizes 60d 90d 120d 150d 210d mouse rate small cat large cat beagle dog
Supportive Signs of Pregnancy asymmetry of uterine horns thinning and fluctuation of uterine wall fixation of cervix fremitus of middle uterine artery presence of CL
False (+) Progesterone Test ovarian abnormalities poor estrus detection pyometra
Hydrops Allantois placental (maternal) cause 85-90% sporadic adverse sequelae common prognosis for fertility guarded canNOT palpate fetus, placentomes "apple" shape
Hydrops Amniae fetal cause 5-10% chronic adverse sequelae rare prognosis for fertility fair to good CAN palpate fetus, placentomes "pear" shape
Infectious Agents of Metritis Arcanobacter pyogenes Fusobacterium sp. Bacteroides spp. E. coli Clostridium
Common Causes of Abortion bacteria - Campylobacter viral - IBR, BVD, Lepto protozoan - Tritrichomonas foetus
Most Frequent Diagnosed Cause of Viral Abortions Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis
Three Most Common Toxic Causes of Abortion nitrates ponderosa pine locoweed
Abortion Agent that Causes More Economic Loss than any other Plant locoweed
Causes of Majority of Abortion Cases IBR BVD Leptospirosis Arcanobacter Neospora
Motility Goal of Bull Semen >30% motile
Morphology Goal of Bull Semen >70% normal
Complications of Preputial Injuries stricture formation adhesions phimosis paraphimosis
Predisposing Factors for Preputial Injuries bos indicus influence polled breeds (lack preputial retractor muscle)
Signalment of Preputial Abscesses bos taurus breeds
Differential Diagnoses for Inguinal/Scrotal Hernia subperitoneal fat periorchitis hydrocele aneurysms of pampiniform plexus inguinal abscess
C/S of Penile Hematoma symmetrical swelling at distal curve of sigmoid flexure, near base of scrotum may visualize bruising in teat area
C/S of Inguinal/Scrotal Hernia hourglass swelling of one side of scrotum (usually left)
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