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Aled 289


Achiever Stamina for working hard
Activator Just go ahead and do it
Adaptability Responsive
Analytical Show me the data
Arranger Juggler
Belief Core Values
Command Takes charge
Communication Storyteller
Competition #1
Connectedness No coincidences
Consistency Equal treatement
Context History
Deliberative Vigilant
Developer Potential grower
Discipline Order and structure
Empathy Spontaneous awareness of others' feelings
Focus "Stick-to-it-iveness"
Futuristic Vision
Harmony Common ground
Ideation Loves to brainstorm and contribute
Includer "Widen the circle"
Individualization Each person is unique
Input A collector and archiver
Intellection Musing
Learner Loves the process of knowing more
Maximizer Place the talent where it can thrive
Positivity Energetic and optimistic
Relator Genuinen and intimate
Responsibility Utterly dependable
Restorative Problem solver
Self-Assurance Self-confident
Significance Admiration is needed
Strategic Sorting to the best alternative
Woo No one is a stranger
Created by: Truedunc2006