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Terminology an sci

-cyte cell
-scope instrument for examining
-itis inflammation
-logy study of
-ectomy to surgically remove
-pnea breathing
-emia blood condition
-tomy cutting, incision
-oma tumor
-penia deficiency of
-toxin poison
-megaly abnormally large
-ist one who studies
-natal birth
-spasm involuntary contraction
-al, -ic, -ac, -ous pertaining to
-graphy recording of
-phagia eating, swallowing
-lysis destruction of
-oxia oxygen
Ep-, epi- On, upon
Eu- Normal
Iso- Equal, same
Multi- Many, much
Neo- New
Pan- All
Peri- Around
Post- After
Uni- One
Dys- Difficulty
Anti- Against, opposing
De- Down, from
Tachy- Abnormally fast
A-, an- Without, lack of, not
Hyper- Excessive, abnormally high
Poly- Many, much, multiple
Mal- Bad, poor
Hypo- Insufficient, abnormally low
Brady- Abnormally slow
Dent/o, dent/i teeth
Opthalm/o eye
Cardi/o heart
Nas/o nose
Cephal/o brain/head
Steth/o chest
Ot/o ear
Thorac/o thorax
Mamm/o mammary gland
Trache/o trachea
Derm/o, dermat/i skin
Peritone/o peritoneum
Hydr/o water
Abdomin/o abdomen
Erythr/o red blood cell
Ur/o urinary system
Hepat/o liver
Copr/o feces
Cyan/o blue
Entr/o intestines
Gingiv/o gums
ad lib as much as desired
dermat, derm skin
sid 1 x daily
bid 2x daily
tid 3x daily
qid 4x daily
arthr joints
qh every hour
qd every day
w/o without
encephal brain
ot ears
ocul, opthalm eyes
stat immediately
n normal
hem, hemat blood
card, cardi heart
DSH domestic short hair
DLH domestic long hair
Dx diagnosis
Hx history
Rx prescription
Sx surgery
FeLV feline leukemia virus
FIA feline infectious anemia
FIP feline infectious peritonitis
ECG electrocardiogram
ICU intensive care unit
cc cubic centimeters ml
ml milliliters, cc
wt weight
HR heart rate
PCV packed cell volume
sg specific gravity
TPR temp, pulse, respiration
UA/U/A urinalysis
IM intramuscular
IP intraperitoneal
IV intravenous
Sub Q subcutaneous, under the skin
rbc red blood cell
wbc white blood cell
DVM doctor of vet med
CNS central nervous system
GI gastrointestinal
DOA dead on arrival
DOB date of birth
urology study of the urinary system
tracheotomy cutting into the trachea
tachypnea abnormally fast breathing
radiography recording of an image
thoracotomy cutting the thorax
tachycardia abnormally fast heart rate
polyuria lots of urine
polyarthritis inflammation of many joints
peritoneal pertaining to peritoneum
periodontal surrounding the tooth
pericarditis inflammation surrounding the heart
otoscope instrument to examine the ear
otitis inflammation of the ear
neonatal newborn
mammography recording of the mammary gland
hydrocephalous water on the brain
hydrous pertaining to water
hypoxia insufficient oxygen
hepatomegaly abnormally large liver
cytopenia deficiency of cells
bradycardia slow heart rate
anemia lack of blood
anoxia lack of oxygen
coprophagia eating feces
cyanuria blue urine
erythrocyte red blood cell
erythropenia deficiency of red blood cells
dermitis inflammation of skin
dog canine
cat feline
goat caprine
sheep ovine
rat murine
mouse murine
horse equine
cow bovine
chicken avian
pig porcine
Created by: walkerfarm5