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Skeletal system vet

Skeletal system for veterinary Technicians

Name 5 functions of the bone Support, protect, leverage, storage, bllod cell formation
Two types of bone Cancellous and Compact
Descripe the cancellous bone light and spongy
Describe the compact bone dense and heavy
what membrane covers outer surface of the bone? Periostium
What lines the hollow interior of the bone? Endosteum
What are Osteoblasts cells that produce bone
Four basic bone shapes Long, short, flat, irregular, seasamoid, pneumatic
Two types of bone marrow Red and Yello
Red bone marrow does what? Forms bllod cells
Yellow bone marrow is most common in? adult animal
What does process mean when pertaining to bones? lump, bump, or other projection on a bone.
What does Foramen mean? Hole in bone.
What does Fossa mean? Depressed area on the surface of the bone
Name tw0 main groups the skeleton is divided into axial and appendicular
Axial bones are located around the central _____ of the body axis
Name 5 of the axial skelton bones Skull, Hyoid bone, Spinal Cavity, Ribs, and Sternum(brest bone)
What skeleton group is the bones of the head and trunk? axis
What skeleton group is the bones of the limbs? Appendicular
How many bones does the animal skull usually consits of? 37 or 38 seprate dones
Name the bones that make up the Appendicular skeleton Scapula, Humerus, radius, ulna,carparal, metacarpal, and phalanges
What is carpus? Two rows of carpal bones
What are the two rows of carpal bones? Proximal and Distal row
How are Distal Row bones numbered? Medial to lateral
Two main names for Proximal row bones are? radial carpal bone and ulnar carpal bone
What digit metacarpal is the dew-claw of a cat or dog? I
The dew-claw has how many phalanx? 2
What are the name of the 3 phalanx on digits 2-5? Proximal, middle and distal.
what surrounds the claw of a canine or felines distal phalanx? Ungula process
The fibrous joints do what? Give example of Fibrous joint in the body Don't move. The skull
The skull is connected by what type of non moving joints? Fibrous joints
Explain Cartilaginous Joints. Capable of only slight rocking movements
Give an exaple of a Cartilaginous joint mandibular sysmphysis
How does the synovial joint move? Free moving
Name the 5 ways synovial joints move Flexion, extension, adduction, abduction, rotation, and circumduction
Name the 4 types of Synovial Joint Hindge, gliding, pivot, and ball and socket
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