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Medical term abbreviations

BID Twice a day
TID Three times a day
SID Once a day
QID 4 times a day
q every
q4h every 4 hours
qod every other day
PO/po by mouth
IV Intravenus
sq,sc,subQ sub cutaneous under the skin
Im Intra muscular
Ip Intra paranorial shot in stomach
Io shot in vein or bone
prn as needed
cal calory
cap capsol
cc/ml measuring (amount)
hr hour
kg kiligram
lb or # pound
mcg microgram
Miq mili equivalence
mg miligram
Tab tablet
Tsp or t teaspoon
Asap as soon as possible
BAR Bright alert responsive
BM bouwll movement
Bpm beats per minute
cath catheter
CHF congetsted heart failure
Cpr cardio pulminary resusitation
CRT capilary refill time
DLH Domestic long hair
DSH Domestic short hair
DMH Domestic medium hair
HBC Hit by car
DOA Dead on arrival
Flutd/Flc/fus male cat blocked (cant urinate)
FUO Fever unknown origin
GI Gastro introitis
HR heart rate
ICU intensice care unit
L left
R right
mm mucus membranes
msds material safty data sheet
OHE or ovh ovarian hystorectomy
Or operating room
p pulse
pe physical exam
pu polyuria
r respiration
rr respiration rate
r/o rule out
t temperature
tpr temperature pulse respiration
uri uper respitory infection
uti urinary tract infection
wnl within normal limits
wt weight
Bx biopsy
Dx diognosis
Fx fracture
Hx History
Rx perscription
Sx surgery
Tx treatment
AD right ear
AS left ear
AU Both ears
IOP intra olcular presure
OS left eye
OU Both eyes
OD right eye
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