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ZPharm and Pharmacy


State Board consists of how many people? apointed by governor; 6 registered pharmacists( 5 years experience) and one member of the general public. 3 year term, not more than 3 terms
Application to become reistered pharmacist: must pass MPJE (law) with 75% and 1500 intern hours. Application for licensure is good for 1 year, must pass NAPLEX and MPJE
Temp license in Nevada for 6 months if they qualify
Licensed pharmacy may receive a temp license not a new pharmacy
Every registered pharmacist, intern, and technician that moves or changes practice must give written notice to Executive Secretary within 10 days
Pharmacists certificate of registration expires when? Oct 31st odd years, must renew biennially
Pharmacy tech must be 18, high school or GED,no felony or misdem related to sale/ use of drugs, no history of drug use
Pharm tech must complete Tech program OR registered tech in another state with equivalent requirements OR 1500 hours/ 3 years AND 350 hours in Nevada AND written statement from previous pharmacy mgr
tech can also have 1500 hours of "tech in training"; Armed Forces Tech Training
who issues certificate of registration to a tech? executive secretary
Tech in training may perform duties of tech as long as they are registered true;registration is provided to pharmacy manager
Tech in training is registered for 2 years; specific location of training termination of employment voids registration; manager submits hours and info regarding duties and capabilities of trainee
written record of who is on duty each day is required and should be kept for how long? 2 years
Can a tech take a new prescription or chart order by phone? No; they CANNOT distribute meds w/o pharmacist verification
Any report or script prepared by tech must be signed by tech and pharmacist pharmacist is responsible ultimately for everything
techs need how many hours of in-service training? initial training as well as 12 hours, 1 law and 11 others, during 2 years; mamager keeps recors of hours for tech. Tech may substitute the continuing ed necesary for recertification
pharmacist may supervise up to 4 techs and techs in training if the trainee: has completed 9 months of technician program AND LESS than 240 hours of practical training
an intern can be paid employee if graduated OR enrolled (during break)
Preceptor must notify who if intern is terminated Board of Pharmacy
Physicians assistant must register with Board to prescribe OR prescribe and dispense; also pass exam on pharmacy law
each physicians assistant who is issued a registration certificate must ne registered to a supervising physician no answer
Physician assistant shall notify Board if practice location or supervising physician changes within? 10 days
Physician assistant can dispense amounts up to? 365 days with the exception of some birth control meds (they are authorized to prescribe or dispense any birth control)
Physicians assistants cannot write chart orders unless he is authorized by hospital to do so and has a copy of his form in the hospital pharmacy
Pharmacists and interns must be trained and certified to administer immunizations by? Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education; must also be BLS certified and complete 2 hours of Continued education EACH YEAR
How many units of CE does a pharmacist need every 2 years? 15 accredited units and 1 unit law approved or presented by Board OR 1 day of Board Meeting
A pharamcist who attends a Board meeting for an entire day will receive how many units 4 CE
An applicant is exempt from CE units for how long after graduation? 2 years
If registering after the renewal period, an applicant can pro-rate units 1.25 units/ month
An applicant who resides and practices outside the state is exempt from the 1 CE of law true
An applciant may earn units in non-accredited programs if: they are a student of a health profession and has attended atleast 15 hours in class; OR they are on active duty and stationed out of state; OR living and practicing outside of state
Keep certificate of CE completion for how long? 4 years
Storage and destruction of CS must be locked up and kept separate until destroyed; state law requires destruction atleast once/ year;DEA form 41
Pharmacy in a medical facility must have registration signed by managing pharmacist AND hospital CEO
A pharmacy in a hospital with 100 or more beds must have full or part ime pharmacist? one full- time managing pharmacist; if less than 100 beds,must have one managing pharmacist who is retained as consultant ( full or part time)
Correctional facility with MORE than 1500 inmates must have 1 full- time managing pharmacist; less than 1500 full or part time managing pharmacist as consultant
left off on p 24 of pharamcist and pharmacy
when a full- time pharmacist is off duty at a med fac or correctional fac who can withdraw drugs? designated licensed nurse or practitioner; pharmacist shall verify within 72 hours for med facility and 96 hours for a correctional
when a PART-TIME pharmacist in med facility or correctional facility is absent a designated licensed nurse or practitioner may remove drugs; original order must be forwarded to pharmacy and pharmacist shall verify withdraw IN PERSON every 90 days AND review every 30 days between personal verification; same for floor stock
a pharmacy that distributes a CI or CII to another pharmacy or practitioner shall mainatin copy 1 of a 222
how often does a director or licensed consulting pharmacist destroy outdated or damaged CS? atleast once a month; flush down toilet, in the water of waste disposal, or breaking liquid container and placing in waste disposal
for LTCF, the quantity of stock of drugs kept for emergency treatment is determined by? Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee; quantities may not excess 20 units of each drug at each nursing station
A contract pharmacist at a surgical center must visit how often? At least once a month to check effectiveness of policies and compliance of regulations. Must also mainaatin documentation of visits
If surgical center IS NOT compliant, a written report must be submitted to the board within how many days? 5 days; if patient care is affected or CS quantity is +-5% the quantity that should be at the center, or if records are not being maintained
prescriber has how long to sign a chart order 48 hours
pharmacies and practitioners are required to have current statutes on hand true
a pharmacy needs an alarm approved by Underwriters Laboratories; a 24 hour staffed pharmacy is exempt
Drive-thru pharmacies must provide 2 way visual and verbal contact no answer
notice of employment or termination must occur within how many days? 10 days, to Executive Secretary
Can a pharmacy require a pharmacist to sty on the premise during a break? Yes, but they are not required to serve the public
Nuclear pharmaacist must hold a current license issued by board as a registered nuclear pharmacist true
rabies vaccines are restricted to veterinarians or physician or person upon a prescription
out of state pharmacy that mails scripts to nevada resident must substitute a drug based on their out of state laws; provide phone service atleast 5 days a week or 40 hours
pharmacy must have a room for compounding sterile products class 100 HEPA filtered air; clean room or laminar airflow; must have cleanable walls, floors, and ceiling
laminar airflow hood must be certified how often? annually; records kept for 2 years
there must be a sink with hot and cold water in a pharmacy and a refrigerator/ freezer true
a pharmacy furnishing parenteral (IV) solutions must have a pharmacist available 24 hours a day for consultation; home infusion pharmacists are ALWAYS on call
a practitioner shall not dispense any CS if he charges that patient for the drug unless they obtain certificate from Board AND issue a written prescription
before writing a CS script, a practitioner shall obtain what from the Board if they believe the patient is seeking meds for a reason other than to treat existing medical condition obtain a patient utilization report for the preceding 12 months if the patient is new or the doc hasnt prescribed the med withing 12 months
According to Nevada Law, prescription labels are required to have what in additon to Federal Law? Warning: Do not use with alcohol or nonprescribed drug without consulting prescribing practitioner (this is not a federal law)
practitioner is always liable for his agent's oral transmission of a prescription to a pharmacist receptionist often messes up, etc
Nevada Law: A handwritten record of each refill of all CS's must be kept on the back of a script or in a log book or separate file; must include date, dosage units, andinitials of pharmacist
a prescription for CS may not refilled more than 5 times in 6 months; regardless of practitioner authorization
dangerous drugs can be filled for how long, reardless of doctor authorization? 1 year
if no refill authorization is given and prescription refills are exhausted a new prescription is required
Can CII's be provided to patient to get them thru a period when a refill cannot be obtained no, only other CS's and they must have a regular script for the med
a generic cannot be substituted if orally communicated to pharmacist; handwritten "Dispense as written"; cannot be preprinted or box checked
a company cannot force a pharmacist to dispense a generic that is not equivalent true
a new order for prescription or chart oder over phone may only be taken by pharmacist or intern under supervision
clerk cannot process a new prescription they can enter information into computer or deliver medication to another area of hospital
pharmacist must provide written information if mailing or delivering meds true; not reuired if med is going to LTCF wherre there is a doctor to provide info
pharmacist should initial whether or not a patient was counseled initial book or electronic means
Medication may be delivered by a person who is atleast 16, an employee of the licensee, AND no felony or misdemeanor related to drugs; person accepting must sign
CII's may not be electronically transmitted using a computer system if a prescriber uses this method, must be approved by Board
Federal Law says electronic transmission of CII's Ok are Nevada DOES NOT ALLOW patient has to consent to electronic transmission of all other CS
Electronic transmission scripts must include: DEA# if CS, PHONE # of practitioner,time/ date of transmission, name of pharmacy
Pharmacist shall do what to an electronic transmission? print a copy that will last for 2 years and keep record for 2 years; must make sure prescription complies with state and federal laws
If script is electronically transmitted, can it be deemed an original? Yes, if it complies with the provisions of the law
CII can be faxed in NEVADA if the prescription is for what? will be compounded for direct admin by parenteral, IV, Intramuscular, subcutaneous, intraspinal; LTCF; Hospice licensed by State
FAX for CS other than II must be signed and patient has to consent to fax and pharmacy that it will be faxed to
When a medicine is written for a patient in hospital (in house) chart order
Fax prescription is original if? it is signed and is for a CIII-CV or non control
CII can be called in when? Emergency; all others can be called in
a pharamcist who makes a transcription of an oral order must sign or initial prescription AND date/ provide name or prescriber- does not apply to chart orders
A pharmacist CANNOT refuse to transfer a prescrition in Nevada transfer can be done orally, by fax, or computer. Oral must be between 2 pharmacists; transfer can only be done ONE TIME
a pharmacy must notify board if it intends to give or receive prescription files even if it is to another pharmacy that has same owner
CII's may NOT be transferred between 2 pharmacies no answer
Oral transfer VOID written on script AND write on the back of script: name of transferring pharmacist, date, name and location of new pharmacy, name of receiving pharmacist
receiving transferred info orally make a written script with transfer written on face; inform patient that script can only be transferred once if CS; and record info
ID for a controlled substance is not required if: the prescription is paid for by insurer, if the patient has previously had the same med at the pharmacy, or the pharmacy is part of the health care facility where the patient is treated
ID can be photocopied or the info can be written on the script or refill log, or computer record no answer
Practitioner may dispense meds in an adequate amount if retail pharmacy is closed true
To prevent internet doctor shopping, dont fill IF ALL 4 APPLY practitioner out of state;patient not in same state as prescriber; requested to be dispensed other than in person; AND is the script is paid in cash/ credit card
If all 4 apply regarding internet doc shopping, the pharmacist can speak with patient/ practitioner to establish script aunthenticity and true patient/ doc relationship AND make note on script the doc's name, date, and date when patient was examined by doc
Pharmacist can decline to fill IF in their professional judgement: unlawful; harmful to patient; fraudulent; or not for legitimate medical purpose
T/F A pharmacist can decline to fill for religious beliefs? False, cannot decline
a pharmacist can retain the script before speaking to practitioner T/F yes, they can also return the script if they want and/ or make a photocopy and provide 3 day supply for anything but a CII while attempting to contact doc
If the pharmacist speaks to doc and still believes the script is unlawful, fraudulent or not for legitimate medical use they shall: retain the prescription and NOT return it to patient
A pharmacist can compound drugs without obtaining a license to manufacture if: in a quantity necessary to fill a script
a pharmacist shall not compound drugs to seel to another pharmacy or practitioner unless the doc will be administering the drug to a patient
advanced practitioners of nursing may DISPENSE 30 day supply; may prescribe 365 days other than birth control
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