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VT123 roots IV

Veterinary Terminology - adjectival roots and combining forms

brachy- short
brady- slow
brev/i- short
cry/o- cold
crypt/o- hidden
dextr/o- right, right side
dipl/o- double, twice
dolich/o- long
glyc/o-, gluc/o- sugar, sweet
heter/o- other, different
hom/eo-, hom/o- same, alike
hydr/o- wet, water, fluid
is/o- equal, alike
lept/o- slender, small, thing
lev/o- left, to the left
macr/o- large
mal- ill, bad
malac/o- soft, softening
meg/a-, meg/alo-, meg/aly- large, oversized
necr/o- death
olig/o- few, little
orth/o- straight, normal, correct
pachy- thick
pale/o- old, primitive
platy- flat, wide
ple/o- more, many
poikil/o- irregular, varied
-scler/o- hardness
sinistr/o- left, to the left
sten/o- narrow, contracted
stere/o- solid, three-dimensional
tachy- rapid, fast
tel/e-, tel/o- distant, end
therm/o- heat
xer/o- dry
Created by: irvagirl