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Anesthesia ch 8

Anesthesia ch 8, Qs from the book

Which of the following anesthetic agents provides some analgesia in the postoperative period? a. Isoflurane; b. Propofol; c. Thiopental; d. Ketamine d. Ketamine
Visceral pain arises from damage to: Internal organs
Pain receptors are called: Nociceptors
If you wait until an animal shows signs of pain before treating with an analgesic, a higher dose will be required. True or False? True!
Animals do not readily show pain compared with human beings because: Animals that appear stressed are more likely to become prey for other animals.
The dosage for injectable morphine is greater for the dog than in the cat. True or False? True!
Compared with morphine, meperidine has a ______ duration of effect. Shorter.
Which of the following is an agonist/antagonist opioid? a. Oxymorphone; b. Meperidine; c. Butorphanol; d. Fentanyl c. Butorphanol
When applying a fentanyl patch to a cat, one can expect a ________ onset of effect. Delayed, more than 4 hours.
Increased amounts of fentanyl may be released from a patch if the patient has a fever or if heat is applied to the area where the patch is located. True or False? True!
All of the following are characteristics of NSAIDs except: a. Decrease musculoskeletal pain; b. Antipyretic; c. Inhibit prostaglandin synthesis; d. Reversed by naloxone or buprenorphine d. Reversed by naloxone or buprenorphine
Which NSAID provides safe and effective analgesia for cats with moderate orthopedic pain in the immediate postoperative period? Ketoprofen
NSAIDs may interfere with the action of drugs used for treatment of cardiac disease. True or False? True!
An NSAID agent that is COX-2 selective is likely to be more toxic than an agent that is not COX-2 selective. True or False? FALSE!!!
Ketamine is most useful in treating pain in what part of the body? Skin
This can be used as a reversing agent for morphine? Butorphanol
As analgesics, medetomidine and xylazine have a prolonged effect. True or False? False!
The potential side effects opioids include all of the following except: a. Bradycardia; b. Gastrointestinal bleeding; c. Panting; d. Increased sensitivity to noise b. Gastrointestinal bleeding
The potential side effects of NSAIDs include all of the following except: a. Platelet inhibition; b. Decreased renal perfusion; c. Respiratory depression; d. Gastrointestinal ulceration; e. Liver disease c. Respiratory depression
Tranquilizers such as acepromazine should be used instead of analgesics when treating painful, excited animals. True or False? False!
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