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Anesthesia 4 & 5

anesthesia 4 & 5 book questions

When the oxygen tank is half full, the tank pressure gauge will read approximately: 1100 psi
the pressure gauge of a nitrous oxide tank will read _____ psi when the tank is full: 760
When the nitrous oxide tank is half full, the pressure gauge will read _____ psi. 760
Nitrous oxide is present in the tank as a ______. Liquid and a gas.
The amount of oxygen an animal is receiving is indicated by the: Flowmeter
Flowmeters that have a ball for reading the gauge should be read from the _____ of the ball. Middle
The most common recommended ratio for nitrous oxide and oxygen flow rates is: 33% oxygen and 67% nitrous oxide
The minimum size for the reservoir bag can be calculated as________. 60ml/kg
The flutter valves on an anesthetic machine help ______. Control the direction of movement of gases.
The pop-off valve is part of the anesthetic machine and helps: Prevent excess gas pressure from building up within the breathing circuit.
In small animal anesthesia, when the pressure manometer reading exceeds _____ cm of water pressure, it indicates there is a buildup of pressure within the circuit that could be dangerous. 15
Rebreathing systems are best reserved for animals over 7kg. True or False? True!
Rebreathing is determined primarily by the: Fresh gas flow.
Nonrebreathing systems should have maintenance flow rates that are: Very high (130 ml/kg/min)
The negative pressure relief valve is particularly useful when: There is a failure of oxygen flow through the system.
The tidal volume of an animal is considered to be ________ ml/kg of body weight. 10-15
A reservoir bag that is not moving may indicate: The endotracheal tube is not in the trachea; The animal has a decreased tidal volume; There is a leak around the endotracheal tube.
The anesthetist will know when the granules in the carbon dioxide absorber have been depleted because the: Granules will be brittle; Granules may change color; Granules may be hard.
An increase in the depth of anesthesia can be achieved quickly by: Having high oxygen flow rates; Having high vaporizer settings; Bagging the animal with the precision vaporizer at a higher setting.
The concentration of anesthetic delivered from a nonprecision vaporizer may depend on the: Temperature of the liquid anesthetic; Flow of the carrier gas through the vaporizer; Back pressure; Type of anesthetic in the vaporizer.
The advantage of a nonprecision vaporizer include: It is economical to buy; It is easy to clean and service.
Low flow anesthesia means: Using flows that only meet the metabolic requirements of the animal on oxygen.
The disadvantages of low flow anesthesia include: It may allow carbon dioxide to accumulate in the circuit; It is difficult to use with nitrous oxide.
Using special techniques, nonprecision vaporizers can be used for: Low flow anesthesia; Delivery of isoflurane.
Waste anesthetic gases are a potential hazard to personnel, but problems that arise are really only of a short term nature. True or False? False!
Long-term toxicity of inhalation anesthetics is thought to be caused by the release of toxic metabolites during the breakdown of these drugs. True or False? True!
The anesthetic thought to be the least toxic to hospital personnel is: Isoflurane
In the US, the NIOSH recommends that the levels of waste anesthetic gases for anesthetics such as isoflurane, halothane or methoxyflurane should not exceed _______ ppm. 2
The odor of halothane may be detected by a person when the levels reach a minimum of ______ ppm. 33
Rooms in which animals are recovering from anesthesia may be highly contaminated with waste gas. True or False? True!
It is recommended that for a passive scavenger system, the hose be no longer than _____ feet if it discharges into the room ventilation exhaust. 10
How often should a test for low pressure leaks be conducted? Each time the machine is used.
The safest way to transport a high pressure tank such as an oxygen tank, is by: A handcart
Rooms in which waste anesthetic gases are at risk of being released should have a minimum of _____ air changes per hour. 15
Long term hazards that may occur from exposure to high levels of anesthetic waste gases include: Reproductive disorders; Liver damage; Kidney damage and Nervous system dysfunction.
A technician may reduce the amount of waste gases by: Using a cuffed endotracheal tube; Ensuring the anesthetic machine has been tested for leaks; Using an induction technique other than mask or chamber.
To conduct a low pressure test on an anesthetic machine (circle system), you must: Close the pop-off valve and occlude the end of the circuit; Compress the reservoir bag; Pressurize the circuit with a volume of gas.
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