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chapter 3 review

the facility must accomodate the staff, clients, and patients
a deposit of ______ id usually expected at the time of an animal's admission into the hospital. 50%
the design of a veterinary facility will very depending on what species the facility will treat
The ____ has standards of excellence for the management of veterinary clinics and hospitals above and beyond what is required by the AVMA. AAHA
A "general practitioner" is one who offers primary care level services
The refridgerator in the treatment area may hold all of the following but... vaccines, employee lunches, pet foods, pet insulin employee lunches
clients often initially evaluate the level of patient care by the appearance, wait time, odor, and friendlyness of the staff
the _____ area is comprised of the treatment area, patient wards, isolation area, exercise area, and necropsy. Inpatient
Duties of the ________ include hiring, firing, inventory,finances, and enforcing office protocalls. Office Manager
only a small portion of marketing is advertising
the client will spent the majority of their time in the ______ exam room
explaining __________ services will increase the clients awareness hospital
AAHA stands for American Animal Hospital ______ Association
________ is a primary factor in attracting new clients. Location
Grass, han, and alfalfa should be protected from _____ and _____ in a dry area. mildew;mold
Major equiptment items should have a specific _______ schedule maintenance
The __________ fees should be increased by the inflation rate. non-shopped
Billings charged by clients for future payments are called _________ accounts recievable
the most important person in the practice is the ______ client
_______ _______ should be held at least once a month staff meetings
as a rule, there should be two exam rooms available per ____________ veterinarian
client education and product promotion is part of ________ skills marketing
small amounts of discretionary funds in the form of cash petty cash
all forms of client communicarion listening
total income before expence gross income
total income less all expenses and taxes net income
A ______ job description should be available to all employees written
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