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chapter 3 terms

clinic outpatient practice facility not offering overnight patient confinement.
hospital inpatient practice facility offering overnight hospitalization of patients; sometimes called primary care facility.
mobile facility a vehicle for making house or farm calls or a vehicle equipped with special medical and/or surgical facilities: both must have a permanent base of operations(published address and phone number)
emergency facility emergency practice facility that focuses primarily on treating and monitoring emergencies with veterinarian and staff who are always available(during specified hours of operation) and is equipped to provide timely and appropriate lever of emergency care.
on-call emergency service veterinarians and staff who are not on premises all the time but are available via on-call basis to handle emergency calls
referral center staff of board certified specialist veterinarians who recieve referrals from the primary care practicioners; sometimes called the secondary care facility
animal medical center a large facility (veterinary teaching hospitals, large corporate practices) offering consultative, clinical, and hospital services to referred clients and their local veterinarian; also performs significant research on animal health problems. tertiary
consultation specific period of time that the veterinarian meets with the client and patient for the purpose of diagnostic/treatment
outpatient patient that comes into the practive an dis treated and leaves without staying
F.I.F.O. first in first out;for inventory stock rotation
shopped fees those fees that clients call the practive to find out the charge before the visit. eg- exam, elective surgeries, vaccinations, ect
non-shopped fees those fees that clients do not call the practice to find out the cost. these make up the largest % of the fee schedule
traffic flow the pattern of movement of patients through the practice. i.e.- reception to examination room to ward to reception
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