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Canine Terms 1

terms that apply to canines; important to vets.

What is: Blaze A white strip of hair running up the center of the face between the eyes.
What is a: Bat ear An erect ear that is broad at the base, and comes to a rounded point at the top; orifice faces the front and is easily seen.
What is: Blocky Square or cubelike body formation.
What is a: Beard Long hair growing on the lower jaw.
What is a: Bitch A female dog.
What is: Balanced Refers to a dog with a symetrical build from head to tail.
What is: Blue merle A hair coloration of blue and gray mixed or marbled with black.
What is an: Apron Longer hair on the chest, just below the neck.
What is a: Bobtail A dog's tail that has been docked, or is naturally very short.
What is a: Canine The group of animals that includes dogs, foxes, and wolves.
What is a: Button ear An ear flap that folds and points toward the eye; the tip of the ear lies close to the head.
What is: Brindle A fine mixture of black hairs mixed with hairs of a lighter color, usually brown, tan, or gray.
What are: Canine teeth The two upper and lower sharp, pointed teeth next to the incisors; the fangs.
What is a: Crossbred A dog who's dam and sire represent two different breeds.
What is: Conformation The form and structure, make, and shape of a dog's body.
What is: Cropping Cutting or trimming the ears to in order to make them stand erect.
What is a: Collar A coloration marked around the neck, usually white.
What is: Cowhocked The term used when an animal's hocks are turned towards eachother.
What is a: Declaw An extra claw or functionless digit on the inside of the leg.
What is a: Dewlap Loose, pendulous skin under the throat.
What is: Dishfaced A condition in which the nasal bone is so formed that the line from the top of the forehead to the tip of the nose is slightly concave.
What is: Dock To surgically shorten a tail.
What is: Domed An evenly rounded top skull, convex instead of flat.
What is: Feathering Longer fringe of hair on the legs, tail, ears, or body.
What are: Flews Pendulous upper lips.
What is: Grizzle A bluish-gray coloration
What are: Hackles Hair on the neck and back that is raised involuntarily in fright or anger.
What is: Harlequin Patched or pied coloration; usually black, gray and white.
What is: Interbreeding The breeding of dogs between different varieties.
What are: Kissmarks Tan spots on the cheeks and over the eyes.
What is a: Level bite The front teeth (incisors) of the upper and lower jaws meet exactly, edge to edge.
What is: Line breeding The mating of related dogs of the same breed, within the line of family; these dogs have a common ancestor.
What is a: Mask A dark shading of hair color on the face.
What is an: Open bitch A female dog that can be bred.
What is: Overshot The front teeth (incisors) of the upper jaw overlap and do not touch the front teeth of the lower jaw when the mouth is closed.
What is: Parti-colored A hair color of variegated patches of two or more colors.
What is: Point An immovable stance of the hunting dog to indicate the presence and position of game.
What is: Roan A fine mixture of colored hair with white hair.
What is a: Roman nose A condition in which the nose bridge is so comparatively high that it is slightly convex from the forehead to the nose tip.
What is a: Rose ear A small ear that folds over and back so as to reveal the inside of the ear.
What is a: Sable A color that is a lacing of black hairs over a lighter ground color.
What is a: Screw tail A naturally short twisted tail into a tight curl.
What is: Stop The step-up from the muzzle to skull between the eyes where the nasal bone and skull meet.
What is: Tawny Brownish yellow or tan hair color
What is: Topknot A tuft of longer hair on the top of the head.
What is: Ticked Small, isolated areas of black or colored hairs on a white background.
What is: Tricolored Three hair colorations: white, tan and black.
What is: Undershot The incisors of the lower jaw overlap or protect beyond the front teeth of the upper jaw when the mouth is closed.
What is: Walleye An eye or eyes with whitish iris; blue eye, fish eye, pearl eye.
What are: Whelps unweaned puppies
What is: Wirehaired A roughened bristle like coat.
Created by: Alexzia