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PM - Quiz #3

Poultry management - Quiz #3, CAL POLY

Do not expose a replacement pullet to increasing day length during the period of 1 to ____ weeks of age. (different for Leghorn, Cornish, and turkey) Leghorn - 18 weeks Cornish - 20 wks Turkeys - 25 wks
In the first set of weeks for replacement pullets, the light exposure should be ____ or _____. Fixed, or decreasing
For broilers and turkeys, what restrictions should you follow to for lighting? Provide a day lenght that will maximize feed intake, body weight gains, yet minimize energy usage and flipovers.
How does the CP light broilers/ Wk 1 - 24 hours Wk 2-6: 12-16 hrs
What are the five benefits of using intermittent lighting programs? 1) decrease power/ energy usage 2) decrease feed consumption 3) Decrease cannibalism 4) decrease egg size %) ascetes (decrease)
How many footcandles used for sexual stimulation .5-1.0
Too much light will (2): Expensive power bill Promote cannibalism
Control light intensity by: Bulb wattage Dimmer
Photocells are: devices that turn lights on/off when sun goes down/up.
When buying bulbs, buy bulbs rated for higher/lower than normal voltage. HIGHER
120 volts will provide for how many hours. 130 volts? 120 volts: 750-1000 hours 130 volts: 3000 hours
What are the light intensity requirements of chickens, turkeys, and people. chickens: .5-1.0 Turkeys: 1.0 Humans: 7.0
Determine hours of light required: longest day of year +1 OR day length @18 weeks + 2
Created by: ahypnaro