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anesthesia test 2

test 2 review

What is viscera internal organs of the body
parasympathetic nervous system rest and restore
sympathetic nervous system flight or fight response
what are neurons cells that have been adapted to carry nerve impulses
what are nerve impulses neurons that transmit high speed signals
what are receptors sensory organs that receive external stimulation and transmit that information to the sensory neurons
what is a reflex a rapid automatic response to stimulus
what is the autonomic nervous system controls internal body functions that are not under conscious control
what is the hypthalamus situated at the base of the brain and is connected bya stalk to the pituitary gland , it is thought of as the bridge betwwen the nervous system and endocrine systems
what is stimulus stimulates the pain receptors of the skin,which initiate impulse in a sensory neuron
what is the central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord
what is the peripheral nervous system consists of nerves that are connected to the brain and the spinal cord, it also contains the autonomic nervous system
what is drug half life the duration of action of a drug, this is the period of time required for the concentration or amount of drug in the body to be reduced by one-half
what is clearance the removal of a drug from plasma
what is volume of distribution the distribution of the drug i the various body tissues
what is steady state the amount of drug in the plasma has built up to a concentration level that is therapeutically effective
what is loading dose the initial dose of a drug given to get the drug concentration up to the therapeutic range in a very short period of time
what is the maintenance dose dose of drug that maintains or keeps the drug in the thrapeutic range
what are pre-anesthetic agents drugs administered prior to general anethesia
4 reasons for using pre-anesthetics calm an excited pt, reduce the amount of general anesthesia needed, prevent adverse effects of other agents being used, and decrease pain in your pt.
How long after administering pre anesthetics do you let the pt sit undisturbed 15-30 minutes
what are the 3 most common routes for administration of pre anesthetics iv, sub q, and im
which of the routes is the least used and why sub q it take longer to take effect
which of the 3 routes used has the most side effects and is used in lower dosages IV
which of the 3 routes is the most common IM , pt must sit 15-30 mins
what are the 3 categories of pre anesthetics anticholinergics, tranquilizers/sedatives, and analgesics
list the 2 most common anticholinergics discussed in class and notes atropine and glycopyrrolate(Robinul-V)
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