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anesthesia test 1

review for anesthesia test 1

Before we administer anesthesia what is the minimum data base we need to aquire patient hx, type of procedure, a complete PE, diagnostic tests, and determine the patients physical status and anesthetic risk
What are the minimum diagnostic tests we need to run before anesthesia say for a 6month old puppy cbc, heartworm,BUN and glucose
What should we test for on a blood chemistry BUN, CREA,GLUCOSE,ALT,TP,AP,
If the patient is geriatric we run what type of blood chemistry test Full blood chemistry all 12
IF an animal is under anesthesia a long time how is their recovery time it takes longer
What is the normal BP 120/80
IF a BP is lower than _____ it is considered hypotension 90/60
What is the normal resting HR for a dog 60-180
What is the normal resting HR for a cat 110-220
What is the normal RR for a dog 10-30
What is the normal RR for a cat 25-40
What is the normal temp for a dog 99.5-102.5
What is the normal temp for a cat 100-102.5
How does a normal heart look egg shape
How does an abnormal heart look looks round
how does a heartworm positive heart look right side is enlarged
What are the 6 things in a signalment of a patient species, breed, age, weight, sex, and reproductive status
Every anesthesia you give will effect what Glucose and metabolism
If a diabetic pt has not had food or their insulin how will anesthesia effect it their blood sugar will go up
Where on pt can you get a pulse rate while in surgery if evry other place is inacessable the tongue
What is issues to consider on an obese pt for anesthesia cardiac issues, breathing issues, stonatic nares, venipuncture,auscultation, and assesment of hydration will be difficult
If the pt is obese how do we caculate drug doses base it on the animals ideal weight
IF the pt is too thin how do we calculate drug doses on the actual weight
If a pt is excessively thin what is a problem that could arise hypothermia
IF a pt is calm does it need more or less anesthetic less, it doesnt need that much
What is the most important body part to observe for abnormalities in animal eyes are the most important thing to look at
If a pt has black gums what are other area you can look at to observe mucous membranes female- conjunctiva or vulva male--conjunctiva or inside lining of the prepuce
What is the normal time for a CRT less than 2 seconds
What do look for on the head of an animal to observe any possible abnormalities eyes, oral cavity,ears, and nose
What is the purpose of auscultation of the heart and lungs to determine HR and rhythm, and to check for presence of abnormal heart or lung sounds
When auscultation of the lungs it is best to listen to at least how many chest quadrants 4
WHy do we listen to both sides of the heart and chest because their could be differetn issues on different sides of them, also just because you dont hear something on one side doesnt mean you wont on the other
what 3 valves are on the left side of the heart pulmonic,aortic, and mitral valves
what valve is on the right side of the heart tricuspid valve
what is sinus rhythm regular heart rhythm in cats and dogs
What is sinus arrhythmia the heart rate increases slightly during inspirations
IS a sinus arrhythmia more common in dogs or cats dogs and it is considered normal
What is a resting heart rate the heart rate of a pt at rest,non-stressed, clam
What should the pulse rate be compared to the heart rate the same
what are some pulse rate locations femoral, metatarsal, metacarpal, lingual(do on an anesthetized animal only)
What information does palpation of the pulse give us some indication of Blood Pressure
What is blood pressure the force applied against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood throughout the body
What is hypotension low blood pressure below 90/60
sudden drops in blood pressure can be life-threatening what are some causes of this loss of blood, hypothermia,hyperthermia,heart muscle dz causing heart failure,sepsis,severe dehydration,a reaction to medication, and anaphylaxis
What causes high blood pressure narrowing of an artery, accumulations of rbcs and blood vessels get consticted, volume and pressure build up, trying to push through harder because it has narrowed
IF blood pressure is dropping what do we do as an anesthestist turn down the anesthesia, increase fluids, and give a counteracting drug
Having consistent high blood pressure can damage what blood vessels, brain,eyes, and kidneys
what is the systolic number the top number of blood pressure, higher number, the pressure in the arteries when the heart beats adn fills them with blood
what is the diastolic number bottom number of blood pressure, lower number, the pressure in the arteries when the heart rests between beats
what is the mena arterial pressure MAP the average between the systolic and diastolic numbers
What is one sign in a cat that would be a red flag for dyspnea breathing with its mouth open, they do not do this normally
What is tachypnea rapid breathing
If an animal is cynotic what color can their tongue be bluish tint to it
When obtaining blood for a CBC always use what vein and why jugular, it leaves the other veins to possibly place catherters if needed
what is PCV the percent of rbc in whole blood
what are the normal ranges for a cat's PCV 27%-48%
what are the normal ranges for a dog's PCV 37%-54%
if there is an increase in PCV what is a cause dehydration
if there is a decrease in pCV what does that mean anemia
What are the main purpose of a PCV and Hb indiactes the ability of the blood to deliver oxygen to the tissues
Why is a PCV and Hb important before administering anesthesia drugs effect the brain if the brain is not getting enough oxygen it could presetn serious anesthesia problems
What is hemoconcentration and what does it result in a decrease in plasma volume resulting in an increase in the concentration of rbc in the blood resulting in an increase in the proprtion of formed elements in the blood, as a result of a decrease in its fluid content
what is blood viscosity a measure of the resistance of blood to flow, that is being effected by shear stress
what four factors are strongly influenced by hematocrit,temperature,flow and vessel diameter
what happens to glucose levels in cats that are stressed increased
what are the 3 plasma proteins albumin, globulin,fibrinogen
an increase in TPP indicates what dehydration
a decrease in TPP indicates what hypoproteinemia
alterations in TPP are significant why they indicate that the pt response to anesthetic drugs can be altered/affected
what is the importance of the spleen filters, 1/3 of all platelets are produced there
in a pt with hypoproteinemia, a decreased proportion of drug is bound to plasma proteins, resulting in an increased proportion of unbound drug and an increase drug potencey for that pt in other words this means what drug overdose
how man classifications are there for a pt 5
what is class 1 minimal risk, normal healthy animal
what is class II slight risk, minor dz present
what is class III moderate risk, obvious dz present
what is class IV high risk , significantly compormised by dz
what is class v extreme risk, moribund, good chance they could die
Just because you have a Class I does not mean that what they could crash, no matter the class , always pay attention and monitor pt, dont get comfortable
what is the normal ranges of total solids in a dog 5.5-7.5 g/dl
what is the normal ranges of total solids in a cat 6.5-8.2 g/dl
what are the purposes of premeds lower the amount of anesthesia that you actually have to use,prevents low HR,calm down/reduce stress in pt, reduce recovery time
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