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lab 4 virology

lab 4 test 1 virology,serology, etc

what is virology The study of viruses and viral diseases
What type of parasites are viruses obligate intracellular
DO all viruses cause DZ no
Which immune system will the virus first enter innate immune system
What is the second immune system the virus enters adaptive immune system
How are viruses classified by host and chmical and physical properties
what are the 4 classifications by host bacterial,plant, animal and fungal
what are the 3 chemical and physicals propeties of a virus nuclear material, size and shape, and presence or absence of envelope
What is another name for a non-enveloped virus naked virus
what is the largest virus Pox virus
what is the smallest virus parvo
Viruses do not possess which normal features of a cell nucleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane or cell walls
What do viruses possess nucleic acid, protein coat, and outer capsule
How can you distinguish viruses the type of nucleic acid they use as genetic material and the viral method they employ to coax host cells into producing more viruses
WHat is the infectious part of a virus nucleic acid
What are the four shapes of viruses discussed in the notes helical, icosehedral, enveloped, and complex
Which shpae of virus is similar to a long rod helical
Which shape of virus has laeglike structures complex
Which shape of virus looks like a polyhedral icosehedral
Which shape of virus has a capsid surrounded by a membranous envelop enveloped
What are the 7 stages of viral replications attachment,penetration,uncoating,latent period, replication, viral assembly, viral release
Which stage of viral replication is where there is a release of nucleic acid into the host cell Uncoating
Which stage of replication is where it is a non-infective period latent period
Which stage of viral replication : newly produced nucleic acid and protein are assembled into a new, mature virus viral assembly
Which stage of viral replication: Before the virus can enter the cell, it has to attach itself to a specific receptor sites on a cell attachment
What stage of viral replication: entire virus enters the cell via viropexis or endocytosis Penetration
which stage of viral replication: Viral nucleic acid directs the host cell to make viral nucleic acid, protein, enzymes,and other viral parts replication
Which stage of viral replication: New virus is released from cell by lysis of cell or budding from the cell wall Viral release
What is a bacteriophage bacterial virus
Which part of the bacteriophage injects DNA into the bacterium Tail
What do interferons do inhibits viral multiplication
What are the three types of interferons alpha, betta, and gamma
What are alpha produced by virus-infected leukocytes
what are beta produced by virus-infected fibroblasts
what are gamma produced by derived from antigen stimulated T-cells
DO antibiotics have effects on viruses NO
What can a viral infection do to an affected animal predispose to secondary diseases usually bacterial
What are two ways to prevent viral infections good hygeine and vaccinate
what does a virus require to replicate living tissue
DNA enters the cell ______ and replicates nucleus
RNA replicates in the what cytoplasm
What is the goal of a virus to produce 1000,s of copies of itself to ensure survival
Bacteria have a hexagonal head how many sides is that 6
specimen collection site for viruses depends on what site depends on clinical signs
Continued production of antibodies after the animal is no longer ill, is referred to as the waht convalescent phase
What is the acute phase the beginning phase
What two tubes are required for serological testing red top tube and puple top tube
What are the three strict requirements concerning specimens form reference labs type, quality, and handling
blood samples should be allowed to clot for how long 20-30 minsq
how long and fast do we centrifuge blood 10 mins at a speed no faster than 1500 rpm
Using a woodenapplicator stick to loosen a clost after centrifugation is termed rimming or ringing the clot
The change must be at least two dilution increments, such as increase from 1:4 to 1:16 or greater, to be considered diagnostically significant this is called what seroconversion
The presence of antibodies in the serum may be reported as what 2 things quantatively and qualitatively
Whne an animal is exposed to an infectious agent the first antibodies produced are IgM
What are the 3 most common mistake made when performing serologic tests use of dirty or contaminated equipment, failure to adhere to instructions, and unfamiliarity with reading results
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