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History of Houston

Exam II

Haskell Karp On Apr 4, 1969, [Cooley] became the first surgeon in the world to implant a total artificial heart. The TAH provided cardiac support for 64 hours until a heart donor could be located. He died 2 days after surgery.
Denton Cooley (sp?) Cooley and his associates performed the 1st heart transplant in the United States on May 3, 1968, at St. Luke's Hospital. The 1st transplant patient, Everett Thomas, lived for 204 days with the heart from a 15 yr old girl.He did the Karp surgery too.
Michael DeBakey DeBakey and his team performed the first successful coronary artery bypass graft procedure on Nov 23, 1964. By the mid-1980s more than one-half million coronary bypass surgeries were performed each year in the United States. President of BCM 1969 to 1979.
Baylor College of Medicine June 12, 1943 BCM moved to Houston as an alternative to relinquishing administrative control or losing fiscal support in Dallas. The move was funded by the MD Anderson Foundation.
Jan De Hartog Jan documented conditions @ Davis Hospital, exposing horrid conditions of Houston's charity hospitals in the 1960s. W/in a week of the book's release, nearly 400 ppl volunteered at the hospital. Hostility forced his family out of Houston.
Anderson, Clayton and Company Frank E. Anderson and William Lockhart Clayton, cotton merchants, and Monroe D. Anderson, a banker. By 1945 it was called the largest buyer, seller, storer, and shipper of raw cotton in the world.
Monroe Dunaway Anderson born in Tenessee, Anderson, Clayton and Company, funded MD Anderson Foundation which is responsible for funding the hospital and medical center property
Clifton Frederick Richardson 1919 founded The Informer. Also edited The Watchman, The Observer and The Defender in his lifetime.Founding member of Houston's NAACP chapter.
Oveta Culp Hobby Kind of a badass. 1st secretary of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, 1st commanding officer of the Women's Army Corps, and chairman of the board of the Houston Post, pulled husband from burning plane, militant feminist.
Jesse Jones started in lumber, owned 100 buildings in houston, real estate/banking, houston chronicle, brought DNC to houston, chairman of RFC, Mr. Houston, switched political parties at end of his life. 8F
Hattie May White 1st African American to win an elected office in the state since Reconstruction by winning a seat on school board. many ppl thought she was white, voted for her in error. served 10 yrs fighting to implement court-ordered desegregation of schools
Roy Hofheinz 2 terms as county judge and mayor, was impeached but didn't "recognize the impeachment" defeated by holcombe, built astrodome, astroworld, hotels, houston sports association
John Thomas "Tom" Biggers Distinguished Prof at TSU, began art dept there, won prize at MFAH but couldnt be at party for it, published influential books on African art, drew pics for Angelou's poems
Humble Oil Sterling, Fondren, Blaffer, Farish, etc, now a part of Exxon, largest producer of crude during WWII, first humble co. home office was at Main and Polk, now exxon has a 45 story building
Albert Thomas served in US house from 1936 til he died. instrumental to getting NASA placed into Houston. witnessed Kennedy assassination/LBJ swearing in, widow elected to finish his term after his death, 8F, college roommate george brown
George Mitchell Big-time wildcatter in the Galveston area, developed commercial real estate around the coast, began off shore drilling, purchased, planned, developed The Woodlands
Minute Women Houston had one of strongest chapters, telephone system, elected to school board--resulted in firings, etc, afraid of communism, desegregation, new practices, wanted to protect traditional way of life
James E. Webb Administrator of NASA who selected Houston--Rice U. was to transfer a 1,000-acre tract to the govt for the center.Webb and other NASA officials denied all charges and suggestions of political influence, pointed to Houston's benefits for the center.
Hugh Roy Cullen King of the Wildcatters, gave away 93% of his fortune, ultra conservative, very involved in politics (racist, anti-communist, anti-semitic, etc), supported hospitals and UH
Will Hogg was an assistant to Cullinan, chaired city planning commission, developed river oaks, promoted zoning and planning, supported civic center and country club, liked UT?!
Miss Ima Hogg Founded Houston Symphony orchestra, founded hogg foundation for mental health, elected to the school board where she fought for equal pay for all teachers (regardless of sex or race), texas historical commission, appointed to plan national cultural center
Shamrock Hotel Built by Glenn McCarthy, insane opening, bought by hilton, biggest hotel in the US, biggest swimming pool in the world, emblematic, destroyed for a parkinglot in the med center
Frank Sharp Sharpstown, wanted astronauts to move there, oak forest
George Ebey deputy superintendent who was investigated by the minute women, cleared of charges, still fired because he was a controversial figure
Cullinan Texaco, would have up to 10 oil related companies, black hospital, patron of MFAH and symphony, friends with herbert hoover
Will Clayton Part of Anderson Clayton Co. Opposed New Deal
John Kirby Timber!Opposed to labor unions and the new deal, very racist/antisemitic, etc
Felix Tijerena Hispanic elite, restaurantaur, philanthropist, headed LULAC, piloted pre school education for spanish speaking kids
Holcombe The consummate politician. 11 term mayor--off and on. Joined hte KKK when it suited him, left when it didn't. Refused to fire Catholics, so KKK opposed him. Didn't support planning/zoning, so will hogg didn't like him.
Created by: SamWalker444



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