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PM - Quiz #2

Poultry management - Quiz #2, CAL POLY

In judging laying hens, what are the five factors that determine short term production? 1) Comb development 2) Facial Pigmentation 3) Spread in abdomen skeletal structure 4) Vent color and shape 5) Wings
In judging laying hens, what determines long term egg production? Color of the shanks
If the facial pigmentation of a hen is yellow, are they in or out of production? OUT
The whiter the shanks, the MORE or LESS eggs the hen has laid. MORE
Oval vent shape = IN or OUT IN
round Vent shape = IN our OUT OUT
Dry vent = IN or OUT OUT
Damp vent = IN or OUT IN
If the vent is yellow, is the hen laying or not? NOT laying
True/false: There is a relationship between grade and size FALSE. There is NO relationship
What is the haugh score for a AA egg? 72 or up
What is the haugh score for a A egg? 60-71
What is the haugh score for a B egg? Less than 60
What three things measure haugh unit score? 1) Temp (45-60 degreeS) 2) Albumen Height 3) Weigh of the Egg
All in All Out 1 age, 1 species, 1 location
Bleaching Term applies to the loss of yellow pigment from the skin and other external parts of female chickens following the onset of lay.
In what order does bleaching occur? Vent Eye Ring/ear lobe Beak Shank Toes
Brooder Any of the large variety of devices used to provide supplemental heating during breeding.
Capon A castrated male chicken
Case The standard unit of measure for eggs consisting of 30 dozen eggs.
Chalazae The two twisted or spiral portions of thick albumen which are attached to the yolk and extend to the poles of the egg
Percent Mortality Equation (Starting # - Ending #) ------------------------ * 100 (Starting Number)
Average Live Weight Equation Lbs live weight ------------------ ending # birds
Percent of lbs condemned Equation lbs condemned ----------------- * 100 lbs live weight
Feed conversion equation lbs feed ------------ lbs live weight
Stocking Density Equation sq ft ------------------- starting # birds
How much crude protein should a broiler starter have? 23%
How much crude protein should a replacement pullet starter have? 20-21% CP
How much crude protein should a turkey starter have? 28% CP
How much crude protein should a game starter have? 30%
The first feed will be high in .... protein and cost
In leghorns, what will the calcium level (as percent of diet) be at: 1 wk 13 wk 16 wk beyond 1.2 % .8% 2.5% 3.5-4%
What is the protein level (as percent of diet) in turkeys at: Start Finish 28% CP 1.4% CP
What are the energy levels (as calories per pound of feed) be for broilers at the end? 1300-1500 at end
Fetile eggs need high level of microminerals
As temperatures goes down, the amount of calories needed goes.... UP
If laying eggs, hens need what ratio of Ca/phosphorus? 4.0/3.6
How many essential amino acids must be included in diet? 11
What are the 6 amino acids that are the most limiting in food? Methionine Cytisine Lysine Tryptophane Arginine Phenylalanine
Birds can convert _____ into cytosine. Methionine
Cytosine contains ____. Sulfur
Methionine and Lysisne can be used in diet because they have a high _____ and low _____. Quality Price
Digestible energy = Gross Energy - Fecal Energy
Metabolizable Energy = Gross energy - fecal energy - UE
1degree Celcius = __ calories 1
Feed egg layers _______ cal/lbs of energy 1280-1230
Feed broilers and turkeys ____cal/lb of energy 1350-1550
Hens should get how many calories a day? 300
Startering broilers should be aprx ____ calories per pound of feed 1350
We must provide all vitamins except Vitamin C
Finisher broilers/turkeys want high ____ and high _____ content. calories fat
Broiler/finisher cal/lbs 1520-1550
Uses of: Vit A, K, E, D A: vision K: blood clotting D: calcium absorption E: antioxidant
What four vitamins can you supply with water? Vitamin K Vitamin A&K Vitamin D Stress Pack
Macrominerals specific ingredients. 1) Calcium _______ 2) Sodium _____ 1) Limestone 2) Salt
1ppm = ___ __/1000g of feed 1 mg
Layer and Breeder Requirements: -CP levels -Energy levels (cal) -Calcium Needs -Phophorous 16-19% CP Energy: 1280-1330 cal Calcium: 3.5 - 3.25% Phosphorus: .350.425%
Replacement pullets: Protein levels Energy Levels Calcium (wk 1, wk 13, wk 15) Protein: 21% Energy: 1325 - 1375 cal Calcium wk 1: 1.2% Calcium wk 13: .8% Calcium wk 16: 2.5%
In feed labeling first, second, and last two numbers mean? EX: 3324 First number: A 3 means Natural layers. A 4 means organic Second number: phase whatever. So, EX - phase 3 Last two numbers: X lbs/100birds/day
Broiler levels: Energy Concentration Protein Levels Fat Usage Energy: 1330-1550 cal/lb (1wk - 6wk) Protein: 23%CP (1wk) down to 19%CP (6wk) Fat usage: 6-8% of ration
rations for broilers come in four mixes. What sets? Prestarter Starter Grower Finisher
Turkey requirements: Protein Levels Energy Levels (start, finish) Protien: @60g --- 28%CP. @40lbs ---14%CP Energy levels: 1325 - 1550
What are the 8 levels of feeding according to stage of development for turkeys? S 1 S 2 G 1 G 2 G 3 F 1 F 2 F 3
The computer program for ration formulation does three things: 1) fills the space 2) balances ration 3) least cost
You must provide the computer with three things to create a least cost ration formulation. 1) Ration Specifications 2) list of available food stuffs 3) limitations, restrictions, forced minimums
Wheat has a _____ problem. Palatability
Two protein sources. Animal Vegetable
A protein source must have ____% or more crude protein 40%
What are two energy sources? Fat grains
Soy beans have what percent CP? 44-48%
How much of a mineral pack/ premix should go into ration? 5lbs/ton
How much of a vitamin pack/premix should go into ration? 5lbs/ton
Three options for pigment suppliers: Florafil Vitamins D A K E Omega 3-FAs
Bacitracin MD is an ____ chemical enteric
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