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(DMS) Chapter 18

Chinese Discoveries and Inventions

lodestone A magnetic mineral that was used in the first Chinese compasses.
canal lock A gated Chamber in a canal used to raise and lower the water level.
compass A navigational tool that points to the magnetic poles of the earth.
segmented arch bridge A bridge supported by arches that are shallow segments (parts) of a circle.
paddle wheel boat A boat developed in the 5th century that used a wheel arranged with a series of paddles as propulsion.
boat design By the 2 century C.E., the Chinese had developed boats that had watertight compartments, which would limit the effects of a leak.
paper The earliest Chinese paper was probably made with the bark of the mulberry tree. Later, they used rags.
movable type Individual characters make of wood or metal that can be arranged to create a job for printing and then used over again.
paper money Paper money was invented following a copper shortage, which was used for coin currency.
woodblock printing Blocks are carved with characters (symbols)for a job.
porcelain A hard, white pottery; also called "china".
mass-produced to make similar items in quantity by using standardized designs and dividing labor among workers.
gunpowder an explosive powder made of saltpeter and other materials.
alchemy a combination of science, magic, and philosophy that was practiced in medieval times.
catapult a slingshot-like war machine used for shooting rocks, shells, and other objects.
rocket Developed during the Song dynasty, and used at first for fireworks, the Chinese later used them as weapons.
steel Discovered before 200 B.C.E., it is made from iron, but is less brittle and easier to bend into different shapes.
mechanical clock An accurate timepiece the Chinese invented in 1092 C.E. that used dripping water as its energy source.
inoculate To protect against disease by transmitting a disease-causing agent to a person, stimulating the body's defense reactions.
vaccine A substance used to immunize people against a disease.
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