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Kidney 2

other abnormal results found w/ kidney dysfunction

what percentage of the kidneys must be non-functional before the bun/creatinine becomes elevated? 75%
phosphorus is excreted where? renal
inadequate renal function will cause elevated phosphorus? hyperphosphatemia
what percentage of potassium is intracellular? 90%
what is it called when kidney failure happens and less potassium is excreted? hypokalemia
an increase in potassium excretion is called? hyperkalemia
decreased creatinine clearance indicates what? renal dysfunction
what does azotemic mean? an increase in bun and creatinine
what is uremia? a syndrome characterized by a constellation of clinical signs caused by the retention of wastes normally excreted by the kidneys
an azotemic patient is not always? but a uremic patient is always? uremic; azotemic
prerenal azotemia causes? dehydration, means kidney is able to concentrate urine
renal azotemia causes? occurs after 75% of nephrons lost, means kidneys are unable to concentrate urine
post renal azotemia causes? urinary obstruction, cannot excrete waste b/c of obstruction
what test would you run to check the kidneys? urinalysis
renal failure is called what? acute or chronic kidney disease
acute kidney disease is caused by what and may be reversible? toxic or ischemic insult to the kidney
chronic kidney disease is what? progessive, slow, usually irreversible
what does pyelonephritis mean? renal pelvis and nephron inflammation
list the symptoms of akd? lethargy, vomiting, poolydyspia, polyuria to anuria, uremic ulcers, dehydration
give an example of ethylene glycol toxicity? antifreeze
ethylene glycol toxicity causes what? akd, calcium oxalate crystalluria
how to diagnose ethylene glycol toxicity? kacey and egt tests
how to treat ethylene glycol toxicity? induce vomiting, gastric lavage, activated charcoal, ivfl, evaclear, or antizol
chronic renal failure is usually seen in what age of cats? 8 years or older
how to diagnose chronic renal failure? hypertension, elevated bun/cr, pcv decreased, diluted urine, weight loss
how to treat chronic renal failure? sqfl 1-2 times weekly, diet, norvasc
what is azodyl? breaks down uremic toxins in the bowel and flushed them out, enteric dialysis
when do you use epakitin? when phosphorous is low
how to diagnose raisin/grape toxicity? cbc, panel everything will be pretty much elevated, hyperglycemia
how to treat raisin/grape toxicity? induce vomiting, activated charcoal, correct dehydration, lasix, antacids like famotidine
how do you treat lepto? penicillin doxycycline, enrofloxacin, ivfl, pain meds
Created by: supersam1314