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Pharm (Starr)

complete Starr pharm review

Trimethoprim Sulfa When using this drug,it is imperative that the animal is well hydrated.
Side Effect–Keratoconjunctivitis,Nephrotoxic Trimethoprim Sulfa.
Used off label for coccidia in small animal Ponazuril.
Best treatment for coccidia in cats and dogs Ponazuril.
Crosses blood/brain barrier Ponazuril.
What is the treatment of choice for Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM) Navigator.
MOA – Structural analog of thiamine and competes with it for absorption into parasite Amprolium.
Anticoccidial with bacteriostaic effect Amprolium.
Anticoccidial that needs diluted Amprolium.
Albon Anticoccidial.
Use Labeled for small animal anticoccidial Albon.
Lysine Antiviral
MOA–Substitutes viral arginine with lysine which leads to protein dissociation Lysine.
Used to disinfect cages/tables exposed to parvo virus chlorox.
Mix with water in an ~ 1:30 ratio and allow to sit for 30 mins Dilution for chlorox for parvo.
Interferon/use Antiviral.
Inhibits the replication of a wide variety of viruses Interferon.
MOA:Inhibits methylation of mRNA, translation and viral assembly and release Interferon.
Preferred antiviral for parvo Tamiflu
MOA – Neuramidase Inhibitor Tamiflu
Antibacterial and Antiviral Effect Tamiflu
It will keep the bacterial concentration in the intestines low so that secondary infections will not occur while a puppy is infected with parvo Tamiflu
Elspar, Cisplatin/Carboplatin Chemotherapeutics
Elspar Rx What pretreatment Diphenhydramine (benedryl)
Give subcutaneously or IM Elspar
Pretreat with Diphenhydramine (benedryl) for Elspar
IM or SC because IV injection can cause anaphalaxis Elspar
Comes in 10,000 unit bottles Elspar
What not to give Cats Chemo 5FU (Cats are F-ed up via neurotoxicity quickly),Cisplatin/Carboplatin. (Cat’s splat slowly)
Chemo that causes Cardiotoxicity Doxorubin(Dog–40mg/m2).
Chemo that causes Nephrotoxicity Doxorubin(Cat–80mg/m2),Amphitericin B,Cisplatin.
Dexrazoxane (Zinecard RX) Chemotherapeutic.
Used for treatment of extravasation of doxorubin Dexrazoxane (Zinecard RX).
Cardioprotective can be used to prevent doxorubin related cardiotoxic effect Dexrazoxane(Zinecard RX).
Cyclophosphamide Nitrogen mustard.
Causes myelosuppression, hematuria (Reduce with hydration) Cyclophosphamide.
Least toxic nitrogen mustard,can replace cyclophoshamide if side effects present Chlorambucil.
Chemotherapeutic Vincristine.
Use a luer-lock syringe when administering Vincristine.
Dosage should be below 1ml Vincristine.
It is active during M-phase (binds to mitotic spindle) Vincristine.
It is a vesicant if given perivascularly Vincristine.
Best CNS penetration of chemo treatment Nitrosureas–CCNU(lomustine)& BCNU(Carmustine).
Nadir (Definition) Lowest Point.
Apoptosis (Definition) Programed cell death.
Ketoconazole use as an antifungal (yeast & dimorphic fungi).
Inhibits cytochrome P450 Ketoconazole.
Used with cyclosporin to reduce cost Ketoconazole.
Does NOT treat dermatophytes Amphotericin B.
SE–Nephrotoxic (other se–vasoconstriction, anaphalaxis, vomiting etc etc) Amphotericin B.
Antifungal Histoplasmosis treatment Apmotericin B, Ketoconazole (for mild infection) Fluconazole/Itraconazole.
Best CNS penetration of antifungal Fluconizol.
Fewest side effects of antifungal fluconazole/itraconazole/ketaconazole.
Antifungal griseofulvin teratogenic in cats.
Can cause cleft palate in cat fetuses Griseofluvin.
The microfine griseofluvin is better absorbed.
Ivermectin,Fipronil,Program,Amitraz,Spinosad,Promeris,Advantage,Pyrethrin,Selemectin Ectoparasites.
MOA – GABA agonist that leads to parasite paralysis Ivermectin.
MOA -Inhibits synthesis & deposit of chitin within ova & larval exoskeleton of developing fleas Program.
MOA -Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor,degrades neurotransmitters NE & serotonin Amitraz.
MOA -Targets nicotinic Ach receptors leading to mm contraction and death Spinosad.
MOA -Disrupts normal nerve function in ticks leading to reduced feeding and attachment Promeris.
MOA -Prevents postsynaptic binding of Ach, leading to respiratory paralysis of the flea Advantage.
Used in Dogs sensitive to Ivermectin (collies) as a scabicide Selemectin.
Calculate doses (I think we will need to calc an Albon dose, if I remember correctly-Mike)
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