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2W251B V1

Volume 1 B Set CDC self test questions

What AFI gives administrative guidance and details responsibilities for managing nuclear accounts? AFI 21-204
What are the two categories of NOCM Material? Military and base spares.
Who pays for MS and BS material? DOE for base spares and MAJCOMS for military spares.
How does the part number indicate who owns the item? Six position(all numbers) part number followed by a dash (-) and a letter. W indicates DOE owned and an "s" or a "t" indicates Air Force owned.
What is the difference between NOCM specialized assets and NOCM spares? NOCM speciaized assets are weapon assemblies, component and LLCs. NOCM spares are the nuts and bolts, expendable and handling equipment.
How do you use OPC for NOCM items? Stamp or write in red in on NOCM forms and records to correctly indentify, account for and report items. Use "A" on military spare items: "3" on BS items.
Name two items we account for by using SBSS CA/CRL equipment account procedures. Test and handling equipment and nuclear weapon trainers.
What do the account symbols FK and FV designate? FK designates a munitions account maintained within the SBSS or a manual account not maintained by base supply. FV designates a munitions account maintained within CAS-B.
What type of records does SRAN identify? Munitions account records of transactions invovling property in the account, primarily assests received, stored, issued or shipped.
Where does the SRAN appear in the document number? First six positions.
What does the ERRC code designate? Expendable status, level of repair and cost category.
What does an "X" or "N" in the first digit of the ERRC code tell you? Identifies the expendability of the item; x for expendable
How do you know which items in C1100 belong to the munitions material account? NOCM items that belong to FV/FK accounts have a "CM" and a nonequipment ERRC of either XB3, XF3 or XD2. All others belong to the FB or FE account in base supply.
Created by: tired87