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PM Quiz #1

Poultry Quiz #1 - BL

Anatomy is the structure of animals
Physiology is FUNCTION
What are filoplumes? hairlike structures
Which three vertebrae are fused? Thoracic, lumbar, and sacral
The Medullary bone - is only in females - storehouse for calcium
Pneumatic bones refer to air sacs.
How many air sacs are in the chicken? 9
A well developed hyoid bone means.... they have a rigid tongue.
The proventriculus has ______ and _______ acids and enzymes
The gizzard aids in _______ grinding. Mechanical
Which part of the stomach has the highest pH? Gizzard
Another name for the gizzard is Ventriculus
In birds, there is no distinctive separation between what two parts of the SI. Ileum and jejunum.
Birds have two cecum instead of one. YES.
How many lobes do the kidneys have? Where are the kidney's located? 3 Embedded in rib cage.
Birds do not have a urinary bladder or ____. Urethra
Uric acid is the major __________ waste product. nitrogenous
Raw poultry manure is aprx. ____% nitrogen four
What are the three purposes of the air sacs? added volume aid in flight and float aid in cooling
The red blood cells in a chicken are _____ Nucleated
Birds have a higher _____ and ______ . Heart beat (300bpm and up) and blood pressure.
Average body temp of poultry 102-108
Average body temp of chickens 104 - 105
Average body temp of hummingbirds 108
Average body temp of ostrich 102
Are chickens hypolycemic or hyperglycemic? HYPO glycemic
Many exhibition birds have ______, a very devastating disease in the commercial business. MG
7 types of combs Single Comb Strawberry Comb Buttercup Comb Rose Comb Pea Comb Cushion Comb V-Shaped Comb
How many primary feathers are there? 10 per wing
The _____ _____ are where molting birds replace feathers primary coverts
What is the "true stomach" of a chicken? Proventriculus
What is the voice box of a chicken? Syrinx
How many days does it take for follicles to fill and burst? 10 days
The Infundibulum is the site of ______. It is involved with ______ stimulation. Conception Tactile
The magnum is where the egg is in what stage? The "Thick white" stage
By the time the egg reaches the isthmus, what part of the egg has developed Shell membranes
By the time the egg reaches the uterus, the egg develops shell, color, and cuticle (?)
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