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Clin. Lab 3

FeLV/FIV, Brucellosis, heartworm review

Name the two types of heart worms? Dirofilaria immitis & Dipetalonema reconditum
FeLV and FIV are caused by what kind of virus? Retro Virus
How is FeLV transmitted? Intimate moist contact, direct contact with infected saliva and blood, transmammary.
Brucellosis is typically thought of as a disease characterized by what? Abortion and infertility
Is brucellosis zoonotic to humans? yes!
What are microfilaria? immature heart worms ( baby heart worms)
Which type of heartworms are not treated with any medications and does not cause any damage? dipetalonema reconditum
What is the common name for dirofilaria immitis? Heart worm.
what family of viruses is FIV in cats associated with? Lentivirus
FIV is a disease that slowly depresses the _______ in cats? IMMUNE SYSTEM
What Brucella species affects primarily dogs? Canis
Can Brucella spp. be spread via venereal transmission? YES!
What is spondylitis and should animals presenting with this condition be tested for Brucellosis? Inflammation & yes
Does the ELISA test for FeLV test for antigens or antibodies? antigens
what are the clinical signs of FeLV? fever, anorexia, weight loss, anemia,secondary infection, v/d, renal or liver disease, neurilogical signs
The host species for dirofilaria immitis? cats & dogs
The biological vector for dirofilaria immitis? mosquito
what is the definition of an occult heart worm infection? There are sexually mature heartworms present but no microfilaria
what is bacteremia? bacteria in the blood
What is the main clinical sign of a female animal infected with Brucellosis? abortion, stillbirth, conception failures.
What does RSAT stand for? rapid slide agglutination test
Do false positives occur in most brucellosis testing methods? yes
What disease is responsible for illness and death of more cats than any other disease condition? FeLV
Is there currently a cure for FeLV or FIV in cats? NO
What two things are the major route of transmission of FIV? Blood & saliva
Are male or female cats twice as likely to be infected with FIV? Males
Development in the mosquito includes what larval stages? L-1 to L-3
Development in the animal includes what larval stages? L-4 to L-5
Which larval stage is considered the infective stage? L-5
Is there currently a vaccine available in the US for any Brucella spp.? Yes B. Abortus strain 19
Is treatment of B. Canis recommended for dogs in breeding kennels? why NO! they cannot breed
Are there currently vaccinations available in the US for FeLV and FIV? YES
Does the ELISA test for FIV test for antigens or antibodies? Antibodies
What Brucella species affects mainly cattle, water buffalo, and bison? B abortus
What does BMRT stand for? Brucella Milk Ring Test
what is an Abattoir? slaughter house
what are some of the clinical signs/symptoms of heart worm disease? coughing, fatigue, ascitis, sudden collapse
How many heartworms can a dog possess in a moderate to severe case? 12-25 or 50-100
how many heart worms do cats typically possess? 1-2
what area on a blood film do you look for microfilaria? feathered edge
is there currently a treatment for heart worms available in both dogs & cats? No not cats.
what is the name of the drug used to kill adult heart worms in dogs and how is it given? imiticide, deep IM injection between the 3rd & 5th lumbar vertebrae
what is hemoptysis? coughing up blood
what Brucella species affects certain breed of sheep and goats? B. Melitensis and B. Ovis
what Brucella species mainly effects pigs? B. suis
What is the principle means of diagnosis of brucellosis in pigs? Card test
why is it important to restrict activity during heart worm treatment? could cause a pulmonary embelism
how often is heart worm preventative typically given? monthly
is it safe to give heart worm treatment to a dog who has not yet been tested? NO!
It heart worm harder to diagnose in cat or dogs? Cats because of the low # of worms affecting the cat
in cats how many heartworms can cause sudden death? 1
is there currently a nap test available to test cats for heart worm? yes
should dogs be tested for heart worm on a regular basis? yes
some name of current heart worm preventatives. interceptor, heartguard, revolution
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