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Final #1 Dr. C

Disease of Genitourinary and Digestive Systems

What is atypical immune response commonly seen in cats? Lymphocytic Plasmacytic Stomtitis
What are the signs of Lymphocytic Plasmacytic Stomtitis? Very inflamed gums, often with minor calculus. Many cats have underlying disease that interferes with local immunity in gingivia.
What teeth should be removed due to 1st recurrence? Premolars, molars and retained roots. If problem still recurs , remove remaining teeth.
What meds are prescribed for Lymphocytic Plasmacytic Stomtitis? Steroids
T or F Dogs with pink mucosa are more likely to get oral neoplasia? False
Oral neoplasia effects male or female more often? Males
How do you treat oral neoplasia and what is the prognosis? Surgical removal, chemotherapy +/- radiation. Poor prognosis.
This is a common cause of vomiting in cats or dogs? Gastritis
What can cause gastritis? Causes: Gastric indiscretion (getting into the garbage);other dietary causes (spoiled food, change in diet, food allergy);Infection (bacterial, viral, parasitic);Toxins; Foreign objects ingestion
What are some signs of Gastritis? Signs:• Anorexia;Acute vomiting; +/- dehydration; +/- painful abdomen
How would you treat Gastritis? 10. NPO for 24-36 hrs; fluid therapy (SQ or IV); after NPO feed low fat diet such as Hill’s i/d, cottage cheese and boiled rice/chicken; antiemetics (chlorpromazine, metroclopramide, maropitant (Cerenia))
Do dogs or cats need a varied diet? no
GDV primary effects who? 2-10 yr. old large and giant breed, deep chested dogs.
Describe bloat and what happens when it twiats? Filling with air causes dilation. Volvulus
How can GDV effect an animal in what way (systemic)? Enlarged stomach pushes against diaphragm, making breathing difficult; blocks venous return through the hepatic portal vein and posterior vena cava; increased pressure on gastric wall causes ischemia and necrosis; spleen may also be involved (congestion);
How can GDV effect an animal in what way (systemic)? CONT. hypovolemic, endotoxic shock may result.
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