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The Pancreas

fx, enzymes, tests-clin path

2 main functions of pancreas? exocrine and endocrine
exocrine fx acinar cells; secrete digestive enzymes; 98% of the pancreas is made of these
endocrine fx islet of langerhans; insulin secreation; 1-2% made up of pancreas
what is the islet of langerhans? cluster of cells embedded in acinar cells thru out pancreas
secretion of digestive enzymes: trypsin, chymotrypsin-for protein digestion
amylase is? polysaccharide digestion
lipase is? lipid digestion
pancreatic trypsin inhibitor is? protects against autodigestion
bicarbonate is? neutralizes gastric acid
antibacterial factors are? inhibit intestinal bacteria
pancreatitis forms how? when enzymes are activated within the pancreas resulting in autodigestion
predisposing factors? obesity and long term high fat intake
clinical signs? praying position
diagnose how? amylase and lipase are usually elevated-indicating a leak of enzymes, ultrasound- gives specific dx in dog, Spec cPLI
what is spec cpli? specific canine pancreatic lipase immunoassay
acute pancreatitis tx? maintain pancreatic perfusion-ivfl, reduce pancreatic secretion, relieve pain
what is epi? exocrine pancreatic insuffiency
what happens? progressive loss of acinar tissue from atrophy or inflammatory destruction-pancreas shrinks
clinical signs of epi? weight loss and diarrhea
what is borborygmus? gassey
how to diagnose epi? serum trypsin-like immunoreactivity assay (TLI)
what does amylase do? breaks down starchs
where does amylase come from? excreted by kidneys, released by pancreas
what does lipase do? break down fats
what does glucagon do? increase blood glucose
what does insulin do? decreases blood glucose
gluconeogenesis means? producing new sugar
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