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hepatic fx analysis

clin path

largest internal organ? liver
hepatic function conjugation and excretion of bilirubin and bile acids
what are sinusoids? vascular channels
list hepatic blood flow sinusoids to central vein to hepatic vein to caudal vena cava
3 vessels that supply blood? hepatic artery, hepatic vein, and portal vein
what is a liver lobule and what is it made of? a section of hepatocytes
what is a bile canaliculi? canals b/n hepatocytes where blood flows toward hepatic vein and bile away from
what are kupffer cells? macrophages lining venous sinusoids
microhepatica? small liver
hepatomegaly? enlarged liver
hepatic encephalopathy? increased levels of blood ammonia causing severe behavioral changes; portosystemic shunt and the liver can cause this brain disease
icterus? yellow discoloration of serum/plasma
jaundice? yellow discoloration of skin
hepatic lipidosis? fatty liver
what is alt? alanine aminotransferase
what causes an increase in alt? hepatocellular damage from any cause
what is sap or alkp? serum alkaline phospatase/ alkaline phospatase
about sap/alkp? not liver specific; young animals commonly have increased levels
cholestasis? blocked gall bladder
serum is plasma without what? fibrinogen
what is asp? aspartate aminotransferase
about asp? shorter half life than alt and may indicate strenous exercise
what is ggt? gamma glutamyltranspeptidase
about ggt? elevated w/ obstructive liver disease
liver disease may impair what? ammonia detoxification
bilirubin is a waste product when? rbc lyses
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