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Antiparasitic Drugs

antiparasitic drugs for pharmacology

benzimidazole category treat what excellant against nematode infestations
thiabendazole Tresaderm Otic
oxibendazole Anthelcide EQ Equine Wormer Paste
mebendazole Telmintic
fenbendazole Panacur
imidazothiazole category treat what antinematodal
levamisole Levasol, Tramisol
tetrahydropyrimidines are what antinematodal drugs
pyrantel pamoate Stongid-T, Nemex
pyrantel tartrate Strongid-C dewormer for horses
morantel tartrate Rumatel dewormer for goats
organophophates treat what effective against endo and ecto parasites
organophosphates should not be given to heartworm positive dogs why? because it can cause dyspnea and death to sudden worm kill off
dichlorvos Task
coumaphos Baymix
piperazine otc Pipa-Tabs
piperazine otc most common Hartz Once a Month Wormer for puppies
ivermectin Heartgard and Ivomec
moxidectin ProHeart-6
ivermectin can cause adverse reactions in what breed of dogs Collie, Collie Mixes
Anticestodal Drugs treat what treatment of cestodes (tapeworms) infections in animals
praziquantel Droncit
epsiprantel Cestex
fenbendazole is effective against Taenia spp but not what Diplylidium caninum
Antitrematodal Drugs treat what used in treatment of trematodes : flat leaf shaped flukes
intermediate host is almost always a what for flukes (trematodes) snail
clorsulon Curatrem
albendazole Valbazen its also effective on cestodes and nematodes
praziquantel Droncit used to treat lung trematodes in dogs and cats
Anticoccidials and other Antiprotozoals treat what treats coccidia and protozoa
what are protozoa single-cell parasites found in many species
what is coccidiosis? a protozoa coccidia infection that causes various intestinal disorders
Do coccidiostats kill the parasite NO
What must you do to remove coccidia from an environment cleaning of contaminated waste from housing facilites and proper disinfection are key
sulfadimethoxine Albon
What is giardia spp protozoan parasite
what is Giardia Vax a vaccine to prevent Giardia lamblia
metronidazole Flagyl
fenbendazole Panacur
albendazole Valbazen
Babesia is transmitted by what tick
imidocarb Imizol
Heartworm is caused by which nematode Dirofilaria immitis
What is the vector for heartworm mosquito
what are microfiliaria baby heartworms
Third stage larvae are kept from reaching maturity byt he use of what preventative medication
Microfilariacides include which drugs? ivermectin, milbemycin, selamectin, moxidectin and diethylcarbamazine( which is banned in the us)
ivermectin Heartgard
ivermectin Ivomec
The Plus on Heartgard Plus includes which other drug? pyrantel pamoate
What does pyrantel pamoate treat? kills nematodes and hookworms
Most calculation errors occur because the _____ is overlooked? mcg unit
6 mcg/kg of ivermectin is used for what prevention
50 mcg/kg is used for what killing microfiliaria
200 mcg/kg will do what kill most internal parasites
milbemycin Interceptor, Sentinel
Sentinal also contains which drug for flea control lufenuron
what is the brand name for lufenuron Program
selemectin Revolution
moxidectin Proheart-6
When was moxidectin reintroduced back into the us ? june of 08
diethycarbamazine Nemacide, Carbam, Filaribits (Plus)-most common these were banned in the US
Adulticides are used to kill what? Adult heartworms
melarsomine Immiticide
Where are adulticides given? Deep injection between L3 -L5 on the epaxial muscles
Adulticides are not recommended for who? animals with large numbers of heartworms
Circulating microfilariae must be eliminated when? After adult heartworms have been killed
The dog should come back in how many weeks for a blood test after being treated for the circulating microfilaria? 3 weeks
Ectoparasites live on the body surface , external parasite infestations
Ectoparasites include flies, bots,maggots,grubs, lice, mites, fleas, ticks, and mosquitos
Give examples of external applications of meds sprays, dips, pour-ons, ear tags, collars, spot-on, shampoos, dusts, and foggers
pyrethrin Mycodex Shampoo
permethrin ProTICall
lufenuron Program
nitenpyram Capstar
imidacloprid Advantage
lime sulfur Lym Dyp
fipronil Frontline, Frontline Plus
ivermectin Ivomec
selamectin Revolution
amitraz Mitaban Dip
imidacloprid and permethrin K9 Advantix
rotenone Ear Miticide
d-limonene VIP Flea Dip and Shampoo
What are antihelmintics? drugs that kill worm parasites
Which antihelmintic has a narrow range of safety? Organophophates
Which med to treat roundworms can be found over the counter? piperazine (Hartz)
In treatment of some cestodes _____ contol is important Flea
What are 2 common drugs (tradenames) for treating tapeworms? Droncit, Cestex
What is common treatment for coccidian in dogs, cats, and poultry? sulfadimethoxine (Albon)
Why should you not give dog flea meds to cats? cats are very sensitive to it and it can cause severe tremors.
Whic flea meds are given topically? selamectin(Revolution), imidacloprid(Advantage),fipronil(Frontline)
What are Helminths? worms that are primarily in the Gi Tract, Liver, lungs, and circulatory system
what are the 3 categories for anthelminitics? antinematodal,anticestodal, and antitrematodal
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