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Vet pharm GI DRUGS

pharm gi drugs brand name and trade name

atropine Atropine Injectable
glycopyrrolate Robinul
aminopentamide Centrine
isopropamide Darbazine
propantheline Pro-Banthine
methscopolamine Pamine
bismuth subsalicylate Pepto-Bismol
kaolin/pectin Kaopectate
activated charcoal Liqui-Char
diphenoxylate Lomotil
loperamide Imodium
paregoric CIII controlled substance with stropine added
probiotic Fastrack gel
probiotic Probiocin
metronidazole Flagyl
lactulose Cephulac
sodium phosphate with sodium biphosphate Fleet Enema
magnesium sulfate Epsom Salts
magnesium hydroxide Milk of Magnesia
bisacodyl Dulcolax
phenolphthalein Ex-Lax
castor oil active ingredient ricinoleic acid
psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid Metamucil
polycarbophil FiberCon
bran and canned pumpkin bulk forming laxatives
docusate sodium Colace
docusate calcium Surfak
docusate potassium Dialose
white petroleum CatLax
white petroleum Laxatone
acepromazine PromAce
chlorpromazine Thorazine
prochlorperzine Compazine
perphenzaine Trilafon
trimethobenzamide Tigan
dimenhydrinate Dramamine
diphenhydramine Benadryl
metoclopramide Reglan
ondansetron Zofran
dolasetron Anzemet
apomorphine emetic of choice for dogs
xylazine Rompun
Rompun is popular for what on what species emetic of choice for cats
aluminum/magnesium hydroxide Maalox, Mylanta
aluminum hydroxide Amphojel
cimetidine Tagamet
ranitidine Zantac
famotidine Pepsid
sucralfate Carafate
misoprostol Cytotec
omeprazole Prilosec
lansoprazole Prevacid
antifoaming agents Therabloat, Bloat Guard
neostigmine Prostigmin
dexpanthenol Ilopan
domperidone Motilium
cisapride Propulsid
pancrealipase Viokase
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