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Equine Endoparasites

Equine internal parasite scientific names, key points

Roundworm Parascaris equorum Defin host = horses Intermediate " = none Site of migrating larvae = liver + lungs Site of adults = sm intestines Common in = foals 2=6 mo Clincal signs = coughing, nasal d/c, growth stunted Tmt = ivermectin, benzimidoles, pyrant
Lg strongyles Strongylus vulgaris defin host = horses intermediate "= none Site larvae = mesenteric artery site adult = cecum + lg intestine Primary dmg caused by larvae Signs = colic, anemia, torsion Tmt = larvicidal anthelmintic by 2 mo
Sm strongyles Cythastomes defin host = horses intermediate = none site = cecum & lg intestine Plug feeders, larvae more pathogenic more immune Tmt = ivermectin, moxidectin (larvae), fenbendazole (adults)
Pinworm Oxyuris equi OPERCULATED defin host = horse intermediate = none site = cecum, lg intestine, rectum, perineal area Females lay eggs around the anus → pruritis Dx = scratch behavior, scotch tape, gross exam Tmt = ivermectin, pyrantel, moxi, fenbenazol
Threadworm Strongyloides westeri ZOONOTIC defin host = most animals intermediate = none site adult = sm intestine site larvae = skin lungs right conditions, L3 parasitic → transdermal penetration, ingestion OR transmammary Signs = "foal heat diarrhea" 9-13 d o
Horse bot/Stomach bot Gasterophilus defin host = horse intermediate = horse botfly 1 gen/year INTESTINALIS - eggs laid on forelegs/shoulders NASALIS - eggs around jaws/lips Signs = rare, irritation, interfere w/digestion, obstruction "worry factor" Ivermectin Inactive@
Stomach worm Habronema defin host = horse intermediate = house&stable flies site larvae = cutaneous habronemiasis site adult = stomach L3 must be ingested & reach stomach to mature or else cutaneous infection occurs on legs, medial canthus, lower abdomen, prepuc
Tapeworm Anoplocephala perfoliata defin host = equids intermediate = orbatid mite site = sm/lg intestine, cecum Mississippi Passed in feces → ingested by mites, cysticercoid stage in 2-4 mo Horses 3-4 yr Signs = Colic Dx = ELISA 54% horse exposed, eggs not
Babesia equi Equine piroplasm intermediate = dermacentor & rhipicephalus tick site = RBC Signs = anemia, icteric, hemoglobinuria dx = blood smears Tmt = slaughter, vector control, imidocarb
Causes EPM Sarcocystis neurona Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis defin host = opossum intermediate = armadillo, cat, skunk, raccoon accidental = equine Site = CNS signs = ataxia, paralysis, abnormal gait Tmt = Marquis
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