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vt fractures

Open VS. Close Compound VS. Simple wheather the skin is broken or not
Fracture Repare Reduction
Displaced When the two bones are not together
Nondisplaced Where the bone is still together
Comminuted Means alot of pieces
Impacked Where you take two ends of bones and jam them together
Hx History
Tx Treatmeant
Dx Dianose
Rx precription
Px Lab/outcome for disease
Fx Fracture
Stability Will stay together
Strength You can put weight on it
Stages of fracture Hemoatoma, Cartilagenous callus, Bony callus, Remodelling
Hemoatoma Blood cot, no stability/strength, 3days
Cartilagenouse Callus Creating cartilage over broken bone then allows bone cells in to heal, stability/ no strength, 3 weeks
Bony callus stability/strength, 3 months
Remodelling Takes everything back to orginal shape, 3 years
Salter fracture growth through cartilage
Sequestrum peices of dead bone trying to be removed
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