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Hort unit 7

HOrt unit 7

Maturity Cutting wood must be of the proper____________ or hardness.
Oxygen A rooting media that lets in ________ and holds water must be used.
Four inches The media is placed in a container which measures at least ___ in depth.
Moist The cutting wood must be kept __________ and identified with a label.
Rooting Hormone To aid in the rooting process, the cutting is treated with a (an)________.
Two Inches The cutting is inserted in the media no deeper than ________.
Watered The rooting media is not pressed around the cutting to settle the media: rather, it is ___________.
variety The container holding the cutting is labeled according to rooting hormone, date, and ____.
Light If the cuttings are placed under plastic, they should be given plenty of __________, but no direct sunlight
Mist If the cuttings are placed under __________, direct sunlight is preferred.
Pulling As the rooting time nears, the horticulturist checks for roots by gently______ on the cuttings.
Rooted The cuttings are hardened off when they have sufficiently ______________.
Transplanted After hardening off, the cuttings are ready to be ______________.
Sterile Container Tissue culture plants are grown in _________ to prevent attack by diseases.
More the tissue culture method allow propagation of ____________ plants than other methods
plugs We started tomatos from
seed We started lettuce from
pinched Coleus were ----- to make them branch out.
stem cuttings We propagated verbia by
Reproduction ____ drives nature so we need to pinch early blooms
Created by: sbowen